Tuesday Fun-day clickbank webinar review

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Well feel like i have achieved a lot today, but then look back think what happened there lol not much lol. I signed up with Amazon Affiliates wasted about an hour building a page on wordpress, then thought better of it. Then moved onto the keto diet niche off clickbank. Tried to create email forwarding, on wordpress wont let me the most basic package. They wont let me access the email address very frustrating suppose they are affiliates as well. Decided on my logo image, attached from fiver let me know what you think. Good Bad and the ugly i don’t mind. please comment and let me know what your up to and promoting and i will let you know what i think.

Oh yeah watched the clickbanks webinar today, pretty much the same as clickfunnels. Gave me a couple of ideas, but still feel i would be better on my own.

Please have a watch of my YouTube videos and my channel and give your opinion im still waiting on my first comment. on my blog or youtube

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