Frustrating Wednesday

Good evening Readers hope all is well, and we all made some money today. Sadly all accounts at zero still here. But the good news is I have 9 people following my blog and that’s amazing thanks for the support.

This morning I edited my site content, thought I had a working landing page. For my paid visitors, as they say on clickbank university you just have to funnel customers to a checkout page.

Facebook Ads Review

Submitted it to facebook ads after about two hours of work. Set my limit to £5 a day was aiming to do it for 10 days, spend £50 See how many customers and visits I got. Waited about three hours, for them to reject my ads and lock my account. Oh the joys will keep you posted if I can sort this out, one of my bubbles has just burst so feeling a little deflated now.

But i’m still looking for content and niches to promote. So i’m going to keep watching youtube clips, researching as its only the second week and I have only spent £53.50 up to now.

£36 WordPress inc domain name

£17.50 Logo + Intro ( Still waiting for it be revised third time hopefully)

on the comments please let me know if its too much blogging everyday, am I keeping your interest and if you need to contact me please email me on. (let me know your subscribed in email)

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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