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Hi Readers,

Hope we are all well and enjoying my snippets of info.

Appearing on Google.

YAY I want to shout it from the rooftops if you put into google search bar.

Today is the first day it’s listed there.


I know you can sit down now, and stop clapping thank you, thank you haha.

I have been travelling most of the day 7 1/2 hrs on the train, to get to work.

So today involved a lot of reading, research and Watching you tube video’s. I think a guy called Miles Beckler, on it is fantastic. Youtube channel here as a sign of respect.

We do live in an age where education is so easy to get access to; it makes you feel how can we fail if the success is showing us how to do it.

I don’t think it’s too bad considering, I have only just started out. Spent nothing on advertising, I have 11 subscribers and 63 unique visitors. review

Here is a little review on, its a keyword generator system for google.

You put in your keyword you want to use on Adsense.

It then lists the word with the number of searches done, which is going to cost you a small fortune just to get seen and only seen through paid ads.

Then lists popular and similar keywords, you can use.

Put those into blogs and posts to help your product/page SEO placement.

It will be a lot easier to reach the number one spot.

It’s free as google indexing your site every day and moving you up the popularity ladder.

I’m going to try and get a video done on it, so watch this space, I will reveal what techniques I have used for free traffic, and I can show you the features of kwfinder.

Thanks, I think that’s enough for today, time for bed got a 5:45 am check-in tomorrow.

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