My Affiliate Diary Week 2

Welcome back to my followers and hello new readers. This is my journey to try and become an affiliate marketer, a step by step guide of what and how I am doing it. I don’t like sitting for hours playing games on my phone, or watching telly I like a bit of netflix but who doesn’t. So im going to put my spare hours into this. Hope you enjoy check out my other blogs to get up to speed if your wondering what i have done up to now.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in a nut shell, selling something you will never own or touch .

You receive a % of the sale, be it an online product like the keto diet plan, something physical on amazon or Ebay to name a few. Apparently some of the big affiliate players are earning six figures so lets see what we can do.

What have I Been doing then, lots and lots, of reading, googling, researching, keywords, long tail keywords, how to write a blog, promote a blog. facebook ads, joining no end of groups, pages, blogs, pins and more. Don’t worry I will try to explain all of this the best I can. Even after all that I still lay there at night, things buzzing around in my head, unable to sleep wanting to get up and google even more. Right now its 11pm I have been writing this since 7pm and still editing everything. So if all this sounds like fun to you as well please join in lol. Below is a list of things i’m going to cover in this blog.

  • How To Decided On A Niche
  • Various Affiliate Vendor Examples 
  • How To Create An Affiliate Link

Sadly there isn’t a quick way to get rich, if you do find one please let me know. Its going to take time. I have just started a FACEBOOK Group click here to take a look. I’m going to do some progress updates on there as well. So without further ado I will try to start off from my last blog

How To Decided On A Niche

A niche is just a fancy word for an area you wish to specialise in. Big enough to grow into, but not too small you don’t make a profit. Sounds easy on paper (Screen) but it isn’t its hard. Just take a few days, have a look around, join clickbank here and have a look around get a feel for it. I have put together some images on how to post your first link at the bottom of the page.

I Feel the best way to do it is that Everyone has there own interests and perspective on life. Look at whats working and of interest to you. Just Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, you don’t need too. Just get started to get your piece of the £1.9 trillion pound industry.

How have the successful succeeded!!!!. They didn’t give up when things got hard.

Trust me they failed, and probably still fail doing things. Its the people who don’t try that will never know just what is possible.

Now onto my niche and how I decided on self help, for new affiliates. It’s an absolutely massive industry and so competitive. I just put affiliate into google and there are 2,130,000,000 results haha i didn’t even realise that. I think about giving up all the time. But i’m not going to I was talking to myself for the first couple of blogs, but now i have 15 followers thanks alot guys and girls. Why did i decided on it well I was looking for an honest trust worthy way to get into affiliate marketing and couldn’t really find one place for it. So here we are on my journey. I also thought I had best start promoting a product as well, so decided on the keto diet via clickbanks i’m getting a following now but its taking time its a niche I can grow into the health and fitness sector and im a bit tubby hehe. The results on clickbank data looked good as well, I will explain this in next weeks blog. See my others pages for details on keto and me starting from ground zero, how I’m promoting it. Actually I will do a blog just on that soon as well, maybe a small one midweek. Even thought its Christmas and we are going away for the first time the laptop will b coming. So Anything you can think of you could turn into a niche which could turn into a profit. If you do have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on I will also show you how to set that up for free as well your domain email please don’t spam me as its just annoying and doesn’t work below are a few points to help you on your road.

  • Niche what area do you Want to get into, research other affiliates, find vendors.
  • Website what should I call my site, use a domain checker for availability
  • Are you going to review items, consider cost or doing your own research.
  • promote via social media, paid adverts blogs etc
  • subscribe to my site to follow my progress i will list what i’m doing.

A Niche example for you, you have decided sport then you need a sub sector ie tennis, golf, darts what ever sparks a bit of interest. Then move onto a bit of research, who is selling tennis equipment, who are the main youtubers, bloggers, reviewers and websites. See if there are good affiliate companies (Vendors) offering good commissions next up various affiliate vendor examples.

Various Affiliate Vendor Examples

  • Amazon Associates ( No explanation needed)
  • ClickBank ( Keto Diet a lot of online dowloads.)
  • Commission Junction ( Adidas, and other big companies)
  • Shareasale ( WordPress website)

An affiliate vendor is where business go to register there products to sell, and donate a percentage per sale to you as an affiliate. A lot of the sites require a website registering best one to take a look at is clickbank accounts are activated straight away no site needed. Anything from 1%-100%. payments can be made how do they offer 100% you ask they have a subscription service, and up sell methods once they have the customer. It attracts more affiliates to signup if its a big payout. There are so many Affiliate companies offering various affiliate commissions banners, programs. as you might be able to tell I have registered with a few now. Above is a list so you can make a start Then next part of the site is .

Below is an example of the wordpress editor on my website, if you dont have an account just click on the link to get started how to attach a link. All you do is click on the link sign then paste your link and boom its done. I’m going to do a tutorial on wordpress as well so watch this space.

How To Create An Affiliate Link on Clickbank

If you don’t have an account yet sign up with clickbanks here is free. You don’t need a website and its automatically approved. I have done a step by step guide below to test out your fist link. Just remember the code downloaded on clickbank will just have an xxxxx as you can see below. Give it a click it takes you to the site still but you wont get paid if someone decides to buy. So basically its one of the most important things. No link which is your account nickname no pay

Gallery of steps to create your first clickbank link easy peasy

start top left if its not woking mobile devices dont like this module so click here to be taken to my web-page with individual images on.

If you’re reading this bit I would just like to say a massive thank you for getting this far. one last favour before we depart could you could join facebook page like and share it that would be ace. I will promote and do other updates on facebook to keep it fresh.

This is me

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