Grammarly review

Dyslexic Trying Out Grammarly

Welcome to my blog, I’m Jonathon Little a 39-year-old dyslexic, trying to make it in the affiliate marketing world. So I decided I had to sign up to Grammarly click here to try out the free version like I did. Or take a look below to see examples of what Grammarly premium has done for me.

Is Grammarly download Free.

Grammarly is free for MAC, windows, internet explorer, word to name a few. There are lots of features and downloads available on the free version. I cannot say if they work on all devices, I have downloaded the Grammarly keyboard app to my iPhone screenshot below. I have also downloaded google chrome onto my laptop. I cannot get it to work on my webpage via my laptop. It works fine on my phone, so, for the time being, I’m using the editor then adding it WordPress. It is excellent for editing emails, blogs and even my website on the move.

My wife just read this article and said its worth every penny. That’s why I immediately upgraded to the premium version, for me with life long issue with English. It just feels like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Click here to download.

Grammarly premium download

Once I had edited the free version, it recommends additions that the premium version has to offer. Take a look below at an example of the layout. To help make your mind up. I had decided that I needed it the first time I heard about it.

How much is Grammarly UK

After taking a look around on the web, Grammarly seems to be an American company with prices in dollars. I have taken a screenshot of my account as I couldn’t find one displaying pounds £. As you can see, I have signed up to £54.99 for three months, and I’m sure I will upgrade to the yearly subscription.

To download Grammarly click here.

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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