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I have added a link to a video version of this blog. Just in case you don’t fancy reading it all. I know it puts me off as well.

Happy new year readers, old and new hope you had a great Christmas. All the best for the new year wishing you, health, wealth and happiness for 2020. Let’s see what we can achieve together this year. I apologise for the delay I have been so busy getting carried away doing other stuff.

Recap on my last blog

Week two was the last affiliate blog I did it contained.

  • What is an affiliate marketing
  • how to decide on a niche
  • Various affiliate vendors
  • How to set up, use ClickBank.
  • Click here to view the last blog

If you want to take a look click here blogs in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

On-with this week’s blog

In this blog I’m going to cover

  • Google search console
  • How I accumulated 220+ email leads
  • short review

Well, where do I start there has been a bit of a gap with the festive activities I have still been working even on Christmas day. It just feels like I’m moving forward to doing something productive. My main issue at the moment is getting myself organised.

I’m sure you have all felt or feel the same. I have done a little bit on a lot of topics, and I think that I need to concentrate on one thing make it work then implement it into a system and move on to the next.

Google Search console.

One of the main things I realised I was failing at was my SEO I was writing blogs publishing looking at starting my next one trying to create backlinks vagley. So I decided I had best take a look and see what I could do below is an image of when I started.

It was the 20th of December when I first took a look, and I didn’t even know what google search engine was, so that’s where the fun began. As you can see it working progress if anyone reading this who has any help or advice, please feel free to let me know and share the info with others.

If you are in the same boat as I was, not sure what to do, get yourself on google search console. Follow the self-help guide it is quite useful.

So this week I have decided I’m going to research as much as I can on SEO, Keywords and longtail keyword. So watch out for that blog, I will be posting it in a day or two.

Hopefully, if I do it right, I should start ranking and improving my results above I will keep posting my SEO results so you can see my progress. As you can see its spiking and jumping around, I think this is just down to the low numbers its starting to gain a bit now as its almost a week since I started writing this blog. So I think I will post both 6 and 7 together.

Facebook ad generated 200+ email leads

I got better results than I was expecting from this lead generation campaign on Facebook, I thought since it was the new year. Most people want to lose weight so that I would promote my niche the keto meal plan. I managed to get 220+ email subscriptions with my Facebook ads, and I can use them for an email marketing campaign. Don’t know how great that is going to go, but let us see.

I also set another Facebook ads campaign, this time attached to my youtube video I have had 50+ views for £10 which I don’t think is too bad, but they didn’t watch all of it so I will have to try and improve on that as well. I believe I received a few people joining my keto group from it.

Email Subscription system.

220+ emails in 4 days just how did I get all those emails you ask, what I did was to find a relevant download on the keto meal plan website. Added that to my website and then linked the page to Facebook click here to take at the linked page. Just login to your Facebook ads accounts and have a play around looking at the different setting in the dashboard.

Marketmuse review

I also used one of the keyword promo websites. It was it lets you upload and improve your pages keywords and appearance. It tells you related keywords on how many keywords top ranking sites are using. How to promote your site as well click here to give it a try they have a free introductory offer.

Market-muse is the only AI Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform that predicts performance, helping you to break through the noise and competition.

  • Content Research
  • Content strategy
  • content optimisation
  • content creation
  • natural language generation

Content optimization

See how your content stacks up to the competition. MarketMuse looks at the content you have written and evaluates how well it covers the focus of its topic. MarketMuse Content Score accounts for proper usage of related issues in competitive pieces across the web. I’m pretty sure this can help you out with your content where ever you are on your affiliate journey and blogs click here to take a look at the website and what it has to offer. short review.

The second program I gave a try was below is some info from their website.

The reason why they developed KWFinder was to create a keyword research tool in which you can find hundreds of keywords with low SEO difficulty. Since 2014, KWFinder became one of the most popular tools on the market is known mostly for its ease of use, user-friendly interface and accuracy of the keyword difficulty.

Explore all features of KWFinder.

  • Find hidden long-tail keywords
  • find your competitors
  • keyword google suggest
  • keywords that aren’t profitable
  • Local keyword research

Keyword difficulty or SEO difficulty

The Keyword Difficulty or SEO Difficulty estimates how hard it is to rank on the 1st SERP when optimising for the keyword. It’s indicated on a scale from 0 to 100. How we calculate the Keyword Difficulty:

1. In the beginning, we calculate the overall Link Profile Strength (LPS) of every URL on the 1st Google SERP. It’s based on the widely-used Moz metrics (Domain Authority, Page Authority) and Majestic metrics (Citation Flow, Trust Flow).

2. Once we have the LPS values, we calculate the Keyword Difficulty (KD) taking into account both high-authority and low-authority URLs in the 1st SERP. It’s because the low-authority ones can outrank the others thanks to their relevance.

If you want to take read a more comprehensive blog on and its features click here

This blog has been checked with Grammarly premium.

I hope you liked what you have read. If you wish to learn more about Grammarly, its free to download and works across multiple platforms.

I’m dyslexic so sometimes struggle to get down what I’m thinking, and it doesn’t come out logically, I felt that this program was a must. It is giving me more confidence in my writing and myself.

It works by correcting spellings, punctuation, sentences and more click here to read my review or here for a link to the free download.

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