My affiliate diary week 6

Hi readers, old and new click here for vlog version

Hope you are all well, and we are making progress well just posted week five, so I thought I best make a start on week 6.

I’m just going to update daily to keep you posted. Then there will be my main posts on specific topics with all keyword and links optimisation and research done. I’m aiming for this to be me having a chat with my followers a bit of a behind the scenes.

As promised i have added an image of my Google search console results so you can take a look i have nearly tripled my impressions so its heading the right way now.

10/01/2020 Friday

  • Updated and posted week five diary
  • Grammarly Youtube update.
  • Made a Thumbnail for youtube
  • Signed up to a sales funnel

I updated and posted my five-week affiliate diary today and recorded my Grammarly review blog, took me a couple of hours to finish the journal. Then spent the afternoon writing the Grammarly YouTube review. I sorted out my thumbnail as well take a look at my latest videos i’m quite impressed with it I made it using paint 3d I uploaded an image of myself then on the taskbar, and there is a magic button you can cut yourself out of the picture. It’s taken me about two hours messing around with it, but I thought it was worth it. What do you think?

11/01/2020 Saturday

  • Looking at long-tail keywords and keywords to update Grammarly blog
  • updating website layout and info

I think that over the five weeks, I have achieved quite a lot wrote loads of blogs built the website and promoted some bits.

But it’s been bugging me that my layout isn’t great in my mind I was like it doesn’t matter as I am promoting one blog or page, but it all needs so tie in together, so I spent the afternoon into evening rewriting and organising the site let me know what you think. Flow wise links etc

12/01/2020 Sunday

  • Upating website
  • watching YouTube clips

I am sorting out the website layout making a couple of the blogs into foundation pages and links from these pages to relevant blogs and info.

Watched some YouTube videos on SEO and keywords and did some research

13/01/2020 Monday

Editing website most of the day linking pages and setting out it out, so it’s easy to follow pages and links. Took a bit of planning.

14/01/2020 tuesday

  • Website looking good now more still to do
  • Recorded YouTube video
  • signing up to a digital funnel
  • starting a new blog about the funnel

Recording YouTube clip for my affiliate page took about 2 hrs ready to upload but didn’t like so deleted have another go at it tomorrow. Editing and adding more keywords to pages.

Digital funnel decided I am going to give a funnel a go done plenty of research going to do a full review on it so you can follow will released soon.


  • Signed up to funnel
  • doing funnel courses and registering
  • Editing website still more to do

Hi well back into it got some chores to do today as getting an extension built, so not much is happening on here today.

I signed up to a sales funnel today click here to take a look I will put youtube video on here explaining which one and some of the features how it’s going pros and cons. Etc so this blog might be a little late getting posted. hope you learnt some thing here or visited my site for some more info im going to be posting a couple of blogs next week inc my affiliate diary. Let me know how you are getting on im thinking of incorporating a chat page on my website would you take part.

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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