Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020

2020 In-depth Review of Wealthy Affiliate

I finally Found wealthy affiliate after looking at various programs and digital sale funnels online.

Click funnels, ClickBank university and many other programs.

Wealthy affiliate offers a similar service to other programs its just not so in your face as the other programs.

I joined just over a month ago now and all is going well it has its good and bad points.

So I though I would write a blog about the features and program.

If you need an explanation about what a digital sales funnel is click here to visit my website.

Topics covered in this blog.

My Personal Journey

As some of you may be aware I have been writing blogs creating sites watching loads of youtube clips reading about SEO white hat backlinks and black hat ones too.

Trying to make my way through the affiliate marketing minefield.

I have documented as much as I can via my website blog.

Click here if you wish to take a look at my about me page and have a look around and find out how I have ended up at this stage after 9 weeks.

I have answered the following common questions about wealty affiliate if you cannot find the info in this blog just click on to the heading below


Is wealthy affiliate worth it

Is wealthy affiliate worth it, now that’s a hard question to answer.

It just depends on your experience and risk levels?

I just googled Affiliate program and got 127,000,000 results yep 127 million wow it even surprised me.

somehow you have landed here So please take a look and have a read of my review and see if it works for you.

How wealthy affiliate works is to give you the foundations needed to build a website.

They incude a hosting package via wordpress.org for upto 25 websites.

A Step by step guide on how to build a website, blog and content to be affiliate ready.

When you first sign up there are ten online course videos to watch or read walking you through the whole process.

This is included in the free trial, they do push you a little to upgrade to premium.

Click Here to take a look at the site let me know what you think in the comments

It is an affiliate program after all more on premium a little later.


Wealthy affiliate free videos

Below is a list of the 10 free course videos I have completed.


Reviews on wealthy affiliate

All the reviews for wealthy affiliate, I have read, and searched for I couldn’t find any bad. I will take some more time later as im going to look into is wealthy affiliate a scam. But it appears It does what it says on the tin. I will come back and put links on here so please be aware that they will be affiliate links and I could receive a commission from your purchase. It’s appreciated I will update the blog daily. And post when the blog is getting too long should be weekly so lets see what happens.

They provide a 7 day free trail to see if the program is for you. Its not gimmicky or making false promises that you can make £10,000 overnight or throwing money around, just an honest approach that its going to take time. The next day i signed up to premium for $19 for 30 days and have tried it out now. see end of blog for my conclusion.


Wealthy Affiliate Premium Price

Four price scales are available, I signed up for the $19 for a months trial.

The offer is great if you’re not sure about the program, or want to take a bit longer seeing what they have to offer.

Below is an image of the three main price structures.

It’s broken down into monthly prices to make it look more attractive yearly and six-monthly are paid in a lump sum


Is wealthy Affiliate A Scam.

It seems that these days everyone is after making easy money for doing nothing and if it doesn’t work its a scam.

I’m a firm believer that you get out what you put in, you get nothing free in this life.

Having said that the internet is an amazing resource. With so much free info its unreal

With the correct training and research and some actual graft, you could start earning some affiliate commissions as well.

I heard this week that Ofgem Are going to start policing the internet soon.

So hopefully peoples perspective and trusts may change.

Anyway on with what I have found out online about wealthy affiliate and people claiming it to be a scam.

Having spent a month now using and been around wealthy affiliate I can confirm its a limited-service but not a scam.

I came across a few reviews and the main points of rejection for wealthy affiliate was.

  • Price
  • outDated
  • upselling

On the subject of price once you add all of the different subscriptions together it can become quite costly.

You could find different ways of building your site with various plug-ins and programs that can save money and keep your site up to date.

My feelings about the scam reviews are that experienced marketers who have done this for years already.

Want to promote it for monetary gain them selfs so just put a review on it to drive extra traffic.

I Feel that for beginners like myself, it’s a great place to get started.

You can get support from other experienced users and get a site up and running in no time .

I have tried a couple of different hosting providers.

But once signed up they all have hidden charges and ad on`s along the way.

Wealthy Affiliate has over 1.4 million registered users so must be doing something right.


Is wealthy affiliate legit

I don’t think its a scam and it is legit as they are providing you with everything you need to become an affiliate.

They are not going to take your money and run for the hills…

The customer support is great and helpful.

Lots of people in the community are willing to help you out if you need it.

They are offering a service it could be done better.

Possibly cheaper but they are doing it and doing it well.

I find if you dig enough at any site or service you start picking holes in it

so without further ado moving onto my review of the premium service they offer.


Premium Version Review.

Upon signing up to the wealthy affiliate premium package

My first impression of features and content are all good.

Above all Its a nice easy site to use the layout great.

A lot of work has been put into this business.

Plenty of features and extras to help you build your dream website.

You can build up to 25 websites on one plan with 500,000 visitors.

Its an affiliate program so obviously they are going to try and upsell products.

To make more money out of you as this is an affiliate business after all.



The wealthy affiliate dashboard has many features and courses you can take.

There are 133 to be exact and that’s not including all of the webinars and advice and community courses that are available.

After three months you can create your own course and promote yourself within the community more on that later.


Wealthy affiliate referral structure

Along with showing you how to set up your own niche website and affiliate business They like you to promote their programs as well.

it appears that they own siterubix.com jaaxy.com and wealthyaffiliate.com putting the full affiliate package we would all love in one easy place.

They call it Bootcamp, where you can 10-course videos just about the program and how to promote it.

Some people doing very well with wealthy affiliate earning a four-figure salary a month from it.


Wealthy Affiliate Incentives

Free trip to Las Vagas

resell WA to 300 people

WA even give you an added incentive if you to promote wealthy affiliate and achieve over 300 referrals in a year.

That’s 300 people go premium in a year, 25 people a month they put it across as its almost nothing.

It might be once you are page one on google or got a decent following but it all takes time.

I was watching another couple of guys on youtube who promote and do a similar sort of thing.

They suggested that 6-9 mts for your blog to start even getting noticed properly by search engines and receiving organic traffic which I can now believe.

If you achieve 300 will give you expenses free trip to Los Angeles to meet and greet the owners and other like-minded successful affiliates.

They offer decent commissions for people signing up, So you might as well add it to your site or follow there boot camp training as mentioned.

Below is a screenshot of referral types and payments they offer.


Jaaxy Referal / premium review

Jaxxy is also owned and ran by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

Its a Keyword generator affiliate tool that they teach you how to use whilst building your blogs and websites.

Its a good system and has some great features I have seen and used a few alternatives in the past few weeks.

Jaaxy is limited to 30 keyword searches a day, 20 search results and 30 site rank analysis scans.

On the lite program, which is what they provide for you to start off with on premium.

30 searches when writing articles and doing a bit of in-depth research, will soon get used up.

Below, is a screenshot of the price plan, they are not daft are they as its a service that they promote and have integrated as an essential part or your needed arsenal for building a great site.

They have taught you how to use it and how important it is so I guess most will have signed up to it.


Community Support

The site seems to rely heavily on community support I have my own opinions on this I will put more in my opinion of it later on in the blog.

As soon as you sign up they ask you for your financial goals this turns into a post for the community to comment on.

During the construction of your website, you are told to like two other financial goals which someone has just added.

Which helps new beginners get a bit of support and confidence about using the community and comments system.

My phone was pinging away with updates, peoples likes and comments

It gets quite annoying actually so I turned it off in the end.


Followers and Rank

My wealthy affiliate ranking is currently at 386078, they say they have 1.5 million users.

I currently have 59 followers and I know none of them personally.

Above is a screenshot from 11/02/2020 it’s now at 84651 I even got wrapped up in the points scheme as well.

I wasted a couple of days of my life leaving reviews and comments to improve my raking on the wealthy affiliate site.

But ended up concentrating on writing out another affiliate site instead of earning $2.50 an hour leaving comments.

Some people within the community are classed as ambassadors it’s the top 25 who reach this level who get extra benefits.

Wealthy affiliate owners even say that they put a budget aside for the top 25 no values or frequency are mentioned.

position one and two are Obviously Kyle and then Carson the founders of wealthy affiliate. which i feel is a bit of a cheat but that’s up to them.


Wealthy affiliate credit system

The credit system works in a variety of ways as a site builder you can buy credits from wealthy affiliate.

You can then request a review from other users you can also use the credits for comments on your website blogs or pages.

One way you can earn within the wealthy affiliate program is to leave comments on peoples website pages.

Doing this helps you to climb that allusive ambassador level you will also need to be an active member if this is the way you wish to succeed.

The quicker you leave a comment the better, they reward you more that’s why they have a comment scroll on their home page so it looks really effective and busy.

Which is a bit black hat backlinking to me, but I haven’t been doing this long so what do I know.

When you leave a comment you will receive a cash credit, every time you leave two comments you can receive $0.50 but you need to leave 40 comments until you start earning.

To be honest you could do four or five in an hour.

You have to write a decent review, as it gets scrutinised.

You cannot just copy and paste, trust me I tried

It’s a lot of work for little reward in my opinion.

I got wrapped up in it all was I wasn’t making any progress or money.

Someone claimed they were earning over $200 a month doing just that.

That’s 400 genuine reviews or comments on peoples websites phew must have some stamina.

On that note i will say they are both very active on the site, I even got a reply from Kyle and some encouraging words as soon as I joined.

It really touched me considering they have 1.5 million account holders, and I am almost full time just doing this.

Some fibs are told throughout the site really its all marketing and seems to work for them.


Good Points

They have all of your links and affiliate info in one place.

I think they have accounts with just about every affiliate vendor you can think of.

I’m still using wordpress.com for this site and still building my other site on wealthy affiliate

I have paid for the year on wordpress.com so I will use it lol.

You can use WordPress plugins on your website as they use wordpress.org as there platform.

Some won’t work but more on that below in my bad points.

I really like the wealthy affiliate community.

The support you receive all of the videos for individual aspects of training.

Its great for a beginner like myself who could do with a bit of hand-holding during the process.

The Program helps out with disclosures and affiliate info you need.

To let users know when they are using your site.

Wealthyaffiliate let you know from the start the principals and the time to achieve a decent amount of organic traffic.

Bad Points

Wealthy affiliate just seems a bit dated – having come from watching the latest youtube videos and popular vloggers and bloggers.

The process they seem to push is an old google algorithm.

They like to promote and convinve you to use programs they own so they make more money.

I’m not saying it doesn’t work because it obviously does for a lot of members in the community

The issue with this is that it limits the number of plugins you can use for example the most popular SEO plugin Yoast cannot be run.

They have an all in one plugin that wealthy affiliate gets you to install on one of the first steps.

It can be removed and install what plugins you like as I have but some will be just blinkered into doing as they say

To me, 1.5 million people are building the sites all the same way same programs and process.

I know what they say if it’s not broken Don’t fix it, I’m always unsure about this.

I like to take things appart, improve and then put back together keeping things fresh keeps you ahead of the game.

They seem to want you to write 200+ blog posts and 2000+ word blogs to actually get anywhere on the internet which will just take years.

I believe as many others do that googles algorithms have changed and this is no longer the case it’s about quality and content.

Give the user, what they want in an honest review of relevant info on products they are interested in.


The end

Well, that’s the longest blog I have ever written I hope I kept it interesting enough for you.

I was aiming for 3000 words but not just by dragging the content out, I hope I have kept it relevant.

If you feel you have used some of the info please let me know in the comments and what programs you are using

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