Affiliate Diary Week 7

Hi again just posted last weeks blog so thought I would make a start also. So what am going to to try and cover this week? Then we can see what I have achieved by the end of the week

Things I hope to get sorted this week, complete my training on Wealthy affiliate seems I know most of it at the moment. Then I will sort my website out with them and hopefully have my new niche up and running its not a big one and should get quite a lot of exposure I might let you in on it when results start coming in or keep it to myself as not very many people are coving it.


  • Recorded and Posted this week’s blog.
  • I have recorded four youtube videos of website pages.
  • Edited and posted onto youtube.
  • More training on Wealthy affiliate

Record and uploaded five videos in one day, wow I’m still not getting any views like but will keep you posted on that as well. See Wednesday getting views yay


Didn’t do much today had the day off well I did a bit of editing and watching some YouTube videos call it research as it was on the topic


  • Looking through website
  • promoting website
  • writing out niche blog

Checking links on the website and running Grammarly checks on all text.

Promoting website via affiliate groups on Facebook started getting impressions pretty much straight away. But very short-lived

Finished off my niche blog, going to post it tomorrow see how that goes got plenty of keywords and info in there


  • Added affiliate links to blog
  • final edit and posted a niche blog
  • continued with training I on

Added affiliate links, to the website, created two from Clickbank and one from wealthy affiliate. created new website registered domain. You have to pay for a domain, but you can host up to 25 websites just from the one platform. So that’s great as I have a few ideas on niches I’m taking notes on.

I will admit I’m quite impressed I have only learnt a couple of extra bits that I didn’t already know from YouTube videos. But the premium account you get with keyword finder and other tools are well worth the subscription. Up to now.


Travelling to work 8 hrs on the train

re-wrote affiliate marketing definition page think that’s it I feel better about the info and layout now please take a look I’m looking for opinions here and let me know what you have all been doing

  • Rewrote affiliate page again lol
  • watched some YouTube guides and how-tos
  • having doubts about wealthy affiliate now

So heading off to work for two weeks offshore not sure if the internet will be ok so I might be able to keep updating, or I could be offline for a couple of weeks I hope not

While travelling watched some YouTube videos and then felt terrible about my site so rewrote a homepage from 300 words to just over 1500, so hopefully, this makes a difference, and I see it as good content


Travelling offshore

  • Travelling offshore
  • starting to get traffic
  • google search console update
  • Wrote an about me page.

Wrote an about me page while on plane hopefully let you know a little about me and my aims with my website will have to update when I’m offshore or hotel delays because of fog.

Starting to get some organic traffic which is a great thing to see means all my efforts are not in vain and things are beginning to happen will post images of results if I can as the internet isn’t great out here

Google search console

I Just wanted to know a little bit more about it, so started watching YouTube videos. First thing I was getting wrong I haven’t added the different versions of my domain don’t know if it will make a difference, but this is what I said and then indexed

The last one was the only one that was indexing and currently on Google search don’t know if it will make a difference of not apparently will take a week to register.


Travelled offshore and having to get stuff sorted out here so didn’t get much done


Well it’s Friday again time to get this checked updated and posted and make a start on the next one hope you enjoy my blog if you have any hints or tips let me know

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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