What Is A Niche June 2020

Niche Market Examples

What does niche mean

A Niche has a few different interpretations from a shallow recess in the wall for an ornament. To a job that is very suitable for someone.

In this blog, I am going to cover, What ia a niche in affiliate terms.

Throughout this blog, I have highlighted words for you to click on, they will take you to another page with a full explanation on that subject or a affiliate link to a product I am promoting.

Typical Questions Asked About Niches

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In this blog I am going to explain what is a niche market with regards to online affiliate marketing . Below is a list of topics I’m going to cover within this blog. Click on topic to read specific content.

What is a niche

What is a niche a Niche its a group of items related to a specific topic.

you can class a hobby as a niche, work as a niche even the weekly shop.

Its just a item you want to promote in a specific area the niche area.

For example boys black pants if you wanted to have a broader and harder search area you would promote boys clothes examples in next topic

While doing this reduces your number of potential visitors, to your site, it works to your benefit as well it reduces competition.

The main broader businesses terms with 100s of thousands visitors a month are for the large business .

Its just too competitive they will dominate these arears as they have massive budgets to play with and also offer a lot more on there website that you can offer.

That leads me onto Keywords and long tail keywords Click here to read my blog on this subject

What Is A Niche Market

As with the explanation above What is a niche, its a specific area a group that you or others choose to promote to a particular crowd?.

Below is a break down of a niche market and it broken down into subsections which enables it be ranked for much easier.

Hopefully they click onto your page and your item and purchase.

The topic I have chosen is the children’s clothes.

  • Children Main Topic 90,000 est traffic
  • Children’s Clothes Secondary Topic 18,100 est traffic
  • Boys Pants Black third topic 1,900 est traffic

But before you jump in with both feet, take a look around my website for keyword planning and help on SEO. Alos helpful how to get your affiliate links.

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Finding Your Niche

There are so many guides, courses, ideas, Buy bitcoin or subscribe here to the latest program to help you progress you need this program to succeed.

Yes, some of the projects are very good.

I have just signed up to one to do a review. Subscribe to my blog if you wish to have a read it will be released end of the week. Now released click here to view

Every single one of us are unique.

We have our own opinions and interests so just use them.

As a child, you could have obsessed massively over He-man or Thundercats.

As a teen, you may have loved collecting a specific item.

As an adult, you may love fitness anything you have or have had a keen interest in.

Make a list a top ten or five even two interests is enough.

Head in that direction as Its that, that makes the whole process a lot easier and interesting to you.

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All In One Niche Marketing Package.

Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing.

Now their is a question, i don’t think you can give a straight answer to, Obviously you would look for the most profitable niche you can find.

If you are looking to use clickbank i have put an eight step guide together on how to setup an account and posting your first hoplink click here to take a look.

Once you have done that you may want to take a look at cbengine.com.

As they list just about everything that happens on Clickbank, you can view new products that are listed on clickbank find and take a look at top vendors.

Below is a list of of a few of the important categories you might want to take a look at.

  • New Products
  • Best Gains
  • Top Gravity
  • List Of top Vendors

Its a great inside look at how clickbank and there conversion rates. I think its vendor information is a great as well click here to take a look at CBengine.com

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Niche Research

Now you know what is a niche and armed with your niche ideas you move onto the research stage to see if your niche is worth it if there is an actual need and the market is big enough

How do I do this you ask, there are so many ways.

I’m not saying mine is the best, but I use neilpatel.com. It’s free to use service and find it very helpful I haven’t felt the need to subscribe to any of his programs yet.

You can get a full website review done, which is excellent as well.

However, you decided to do this part do not miss it out or try to skimp on doing it.

It is just not worth it.

Armed with my pen and paper that’s my prefered weapons of choice but it’s entirely up to you.

Start researching your keywords.

The best thing to do is head over there and have a play around see what the site is all about and get an understanding of what’s going on then come back here and continue.

I could write a full article on just how to use Neil Patel’s site.

June 2020 update

as expected niel patel has now started charging for uber suggest so its upto you if you subscribe or not I just use googles free services now.

Commit To A Niche

Stop Trying to sell to everything to everyone.

Hopefully, you have taken a look and come back here, right then this is how I sort out my topic headings and content structure I’m not saying it right, but it just makes sense.

Write down the long-tail keywords which appear in the results.

I choose ones that have high traffic amounts but low SD, i.e. under 20 I am under 15, but sometimes there isn’t any traffic at that I feel it will give me a chance of actually getting seen.

I then pick the highest rating keywords and use them for my subheadings also if I can squeeze as many keywords and long-tail keywords into the subjects.

This is the best way to lay out your site for Search Engine Optimisation SEO.

Once I have finished, I go back and add pics and page breaks make it look easy on the eye.

Sometimes I go and read and research other blogs and pages that rate high in the specific sector.

I note down what they are offering and notes about content then see if I can do it better.

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Examples for niche marketing

Hopefully you have carried out all your research above.

Now armed with your notes ready to go what do I do now how do I market my niche.

There are many ways to advertise it depends on budget and results you are after.

A Good example of niche marketing is eBay or Expedia.

There are thousands of companies out there.

I just picked these two as they do not own or touch any of the items they promote or sell, both are massive multi-million-pound affiliate companies.

They recommend other people products and they make money marketing those products.

You can become an affiliate for these companies as well so you can be part of the chain.

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Niche Marketing

You can advertise on Facebook, google ads you can get PPC Pay Per Click campaigns going or you can wait.

Keep writing content linking it throughout your site submitting it to google, and hopefully, you get some results and all the work you have done for Search engine optimization will start to pay off.

It’s going to take a while for your sites SEO and start ranking its going to be a long and winding road, but that is ultimately what Google wants to see.

Your aim is free traffic so keep on checking old blogs and pages and keep them up to that lets google know your active and filling your site with relevant info.

I’m sure you will be on the road to success if you have found this blog helpful please click on the share button or head to my Facebook group and join me there and the rest of the community.

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Various Explanations On My Website above Please Take A Look.

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