WordPress Review June 2020

Is wordpress.com worth it or a rip-off!!!!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Welcome to my new followers and hi to the new if you are reading this and fancy following my story, just click on the follow and join me and my trusted laptop or phone.

Bit of a back story for you, I started in December take a look around the site.

I saw all the bright shiny lots of affiliates with so-called free cash.

I thought why don’t I have a go at this I can do that.

So I did some research and ended up here wordpress.com.

Well, they do say WordPress provides 36% of the world internet so it must be good.

Or do they I think wordpress.org own the majority of traffic more on that later if that interests you.

Free website

I was quickly sucked in with the free website offer I logged on and started building my my dream.

Quickly I realised I was going to need more so I registered my domain http://www.alittlemore.co.uk .

I Was desperate to get my own email address sorted so tried doing that next.

Thats when I had my first extra cost because im a skin flint I only paid for the minium service £26.

Eagarly checking to get my own email address then I realised I would have to pay out for that as well.

The first couple of charges in a long list of them.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com


So then I thought that must be it let the cash start rolling in.

I started to build my site out and watching more youtube and other affiliates and thought Jesus this is beginning to look like a bit of a challenge.

Then I tried installing a couple of SEO plug-ins, wanted to try yoast amongst some other plug-ins then realised I was going to have to pay out again which promted me into starting to look at what others use.

Yet again very quickly I fell into the minefileld of click funnels and clickbanks and other sites I have wrote a couple of reviews on this as well just click onto highlighted words above to take a look at them.

Pay for Each Website

You could correct me if I’m wrong on this one in the comments, but once I started looking into this, I realised I needed several websites if I wanted to be a real affiliate.

The packs only seemed to be for one site, and you have to pay again if you want any more.

So could get very expensive £250+ on each site.

Digital funnels

So then I started checking out digital funnels I Watched webinars on click bank university click here if you want to take a look at my review on that.

I also took a look at click funnels I just don’t like the whole pushy sales techniques they use so just kept on searching.

Then I kind of stumbled upon wealthy affiliate signed up for the seven-day free trial and after watching the first couple of training videos sign up.

Wealthy affiliate price

I only signed up to the $19 one month trial as I said I’m a cheapskate.

I have just signed up to the year just yesterday as it makes sense $359 for the year £275. that the price of one premium site on WordPress.

That gives you 25 websites to set up individually with email address community support and more all from one manageable site.

All of your affiliate links are there and easy to do, and plenty of help from the community and technical support is excellent as well.


Well as with everything I had my ups and downs with them and had to tweak what they offered.

Only to suit my needs but basically its a great servive and offers everything you could need.

If you wish to read my full review of wealthy affiliate click here.

Or you can click here to head straight to the site and take a look.

Massive Thanks

I would just like to take this chance to thank you for your continued support in my journey.

I have been slacking for the last couple of weeks as I have been busy with my real job

But hopefully someday this will be my job and my income.

 I will be able to do this full time and thanks again.

just before I go I will pop a few links below so you can have a look around the website if you fancy it.

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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