SEO – Search Engine Optimisation meaning

Just where do you start, we’ll start with the meaning search engine optimisation.

What does that mean, how do I do it, do I have to pay someone to do it, I’m not getting results.

Just think how long it took for that belly to appear or that promotion you wanted. Or how long you where at school it all takes time.

Search engines need to trust you and your site your brand you’re brand new to them.

They want to make sure your references are helpful and Genuine.

That links are not just to make a quick buck and spam peoples emails and take to the skies.

What is seo and how it works

When SEO was first created and people realised how it worked you could just add a keyword and get to number one spot on search engines that’s when search engines worked very basically.

Nowadays I don’t even think one person at GOOGLE HQ could explain  every aspect to you.

It has so many different levels and areas its worth billions of pounds so each part is treat differently.

With bots that search your site and backlinks that need building and checking

To get on the first page its seems that you need to answer real questions and not just put the same old goop people have done for the last 5 yrs.

They want to see new content and good content for its readers and users as they don’t want to loose that business by showing them wellies when they are looking for cat photos.

Search engine optimisation takes time needs to to be in depth. Needs to be critical needs to feed your audience and google linking to other pages and other sites trusted sites linking to you.

To Keep them coming back recognise your brand and you.

below are a few other pages I have written about how to build websites and how to become an affiliate.

Let me ask you a question?

Do you stick to one website, one YouTuber for all your sources of info


There are thousands upon thousands of people out there trying to achieve this goal your goal.

We just need a piece of that pie.

It makes it hard slow progress, makes it feel like an uphill struggle why am doing this spending hour writing editing checking stats.

Getting the odd click here and there, no one is buying anything from my links why.

Stop and Think.

Am I trying too big too soon, probably Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?

Is it too specific only a small crowd of specialists?

Start with a solid foundation you need to dig that foundation first using a teaspoon.

Think of this stage as research you may spend 40+ a week at work. You need to pour some of yourself into this

So research check keyword rankings and other website see what they don’t have or what you could improve.

It’s not cheating it’s all there for all to see.

You have skills it maybe mud wrestling at weekends. Or getting dressed up.

Use this as your fuel you know about it already, so expand your knowledge.

You may think I am not an expert!!!!.

But you have had experiences or know something; even the best don’t know everything.

Don’t waste time on your phone playing games watching funny cat clips get yourself out that hole.

Start small build an audience it takes time to earn some trust don’t worry about money and links just start building

I made that mistake, SORRY!!!!

Do a little something every day to help you reach that goal.

Be regular with up to date info

SORRY messed that up as well

Doing a little of something will get you motivated to write down your goals weekly monthly and yearly try to get to them.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach these goals.

Change adapt we are human; that’s what we do.

How do you think the successful got to where they are today by failing you will fail more than you succeed, but it’s getting back up and trying again that makes us thrive.

I’m a 39 yr old dyslexic and never thought I would get energy from writing and just putting my thoughts on paper or blog, but it helps me remember to check out my Grammarly affiliate link 🤗

So hopefully this helps some of you.

Not sure where to get started with it all take a look around my website.

I’m not famous and got millions of followers, but my list is growing so can yours.

Reach out to me ask me a question tell me I’m shite. Then at least I’m not doing all this in vein

What would you like to cover next let’s take a bit of passion into keywords how to build a link you let me know.

Grammarly Review this blog was written using Grammarly premium.

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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