Affiliate diary month 6

Well all I can say it’s been blast.

My Top affiliate mistakes

Thinking I can become an affiliate in a day.

Oh how naive I am I suppose I always have been.

Hopping onto this trying that and not getting anywhere.

If you have taken a look around my site, you will see I have had about seven weeks off.

I had housework to do like finish my extension because the builders left something about a virus.

Anyway back on subject, I suppose one of my biggest mistakes was rushing and trying to cover loads of topics at once.

It’s just a mass of info and so many people doing it so many different ways.

  • Seo
  • Keywords
  • Long tail keywords
  • Collecging email addresses
  • White hat backlinks
  • Black hat back links
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Don’t keyword stuff

I thought with all that I would explain what I have learnt and will cover a couple of topics this week then save some for next month.

SEO time frame

I have read and am seeing that my stats are slowly growing not as some expect or see but I think that this site is one of the hardest to get into.

So much competition, I say a site needs to be over six months old for google to start considering you for organic traffic.

What’s your experience are you see traffic and making and affiliate payments yet.

How are you getting back links to your site I have gotten a few on here now but still looking to build it.

My stats are growing and some posts are getting plenty of submissions but in 40-50s so no where near number one.

But the start month on month the positions are heading in the right direction it’s 6mts now so I’m hoping it will start increasing soon.


I keep seeing bloggers and YouTube’s saying do this to earn cash do that it’s all free and so easy but I wanted to ask you guys and girls.

Should I do a few blogs on that maybe do one a week and have a rolling review.

Would you be interested in finding out if any of it works please let me know.

Also if you have tried any out that work or don’t let me know you could do a guest blog for me and get yourself some backlinks.

We could maybe try the same one and compare results.

Sorry again for it been so long In posting I’m back on it now for the long haul hope you enjoy

Published by J Little

Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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