Best Ways to make money Review Part one

Make Money Online Review

Ways to make money online

Well, where do I start first of all I have been busy for the last three weeks of furlough.

Trying to update my sites sorting out my passive income ideas which are not getting me anywhere I think its a far too competitive area to try to get into as a novice.

Last week I decided to have a change in direction slightly and try to set up a few side hustles.

I thought to myself instead of jumping straight in why don’t I ask my fellow bloggers and document what I am doing for all to see what works and doesn’t.

Make Money Online Review
Earn some extra money online in your spare time

Earn some extra money online in your spare time

What has put me on this journey was that I kept on seeing Best business ideas to make money and various other programs claiming to make $100 a day maybe $100,000 a month on YouTube with instructions.

We have all seen them right, probably subscribed to a lot of the same stars of YouTube.

That got me dreaming watching following and thinking I could do this.

But weeks passed that turned into months and I have still done nothing about it.

so here we go, and hopefully, you will want to join me and follow my story you could even suggest ones you have seen or are using

If you are interested in doing a guest blog on my site to help promote your website, please get in touch.

As long as it’s relevant just in touch and let’s build some backlinks.

Can I create a way to make money


Having my doubts as usual about this am I wasting my time is it going to be worth it should I even be trying to do this.

Do people follow these Youtubers to the letter and become successful?

Who knows have you tried and succeeded, and you’re promoting a program you make money from let me know and others.

Or are they just false claims and they are raking it in from people just watching and not acting.

Could I! should I! can I!

Stop dreaming start achieving

So it’s time to get my skates on and dive right in Rome wasn’t built in a day was it but you have to start by laying that first brick, and this is it.

I’m going to research over the weekend decided which plans look realistic if you have seen one let me know I might add it.

Then I’m going to reach out to them on the comments, and their website. Put a link to this Blog as well to see if I can encourage some traffic from there channel, but I will also link back to them at the end of this Blog for you to view what I am doing.

I will make a list and add it to this Blog at the end. Take notes and watch then re-watch then implement what they say.

I’m looking at doing as many as I can in a shorter time frame as I can.

Because to be honest, I don’t fancy going back to my day job.

I would love to be able to write blogs and create content for others and sit at home.

But wouldn’t we all that’s what we are here for ain’t it.

Have you done any?

Who have you followed?

Have you done it on your own?

Please let me know, drop me note in the comments or email me on
Onwards and upwards

Onwards and upwards

Keywords and back links

I’m not sure how this post will be ranked either I follow a keyword or SEO company I do it all my self from what I have learnt I might have to change my view on this soon, but I’m quite happy bobbing along at the moment

So where are you finding your keywords and backlinks then?

I’m just doing google keyword research but feel I need a bit more to be more competitive.

Or is it all just a con and get writing good content about subjects and the search engines will do the rest.

Better do wife’s breakfast

I’m going to get out of my dressing gown get the dogs walked to get another brew ready and start my new mission.

Please Let me know what you think and any plans I should follow and implement.

Please remember to like and low my page the support is what keeps me going

Taylor at the front on-top of merlin .

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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