Free Clickbank Affiliate website builder using google sites

Clickbank Affiliate website build using google sites

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Well, it’s Monday now as promised, in my last post I am going to try and follow an affiliate Influencer on Youtube and build a free clickbank affiliate website using google sites as my host generating free traffic via google sites.

I will update this blog daily over the week and add it to my monthly rollling blog that I post on my website.

Here is a quick overview of the blog if you don’t have time to read it all you can pick out the good bits relevant to you.

  •  Which influencer / YouTuber I am following 
  • Deciding on a google sites niche 
  •  Choosing Keywords & Longtail Keywords 
  • Keyword Website Comparison ( Very Broad range )
  • CBengine For Clickbank research.
  • Making keywords bold ( Should I )
  • Meta Description 
  • Meta Tags ( Big Reval)
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Affiliate Website

I have been following the caffeinated blogger I find him very informative and what he says on his channel makes sense, and he proves it with charts and figures and seems to be an excellent place to start for the best ways to make money.

So last night, I watched one of his previous posts about how to make $300 a day. I’m going to follow this step by step guide.

Hopefully following his success and see if I can earn money from home making myself an affiliate site making some money. 

 I aim to create a 2000+ word webpage on the new google sites as that’s what bloggers, YouTubers everyone and even google recommend they like fresh, relevant and up to date content for you to get noticed and start ranking.

I will document it all in my monthly report for you all to have a look at so please join my blog. 

How to Make Money with Clickbank FOR FREE (2020)

Yes, this is free advertising for him, but I’m hoping to create a backlink to this blog in his comments and on his website hopefully.

From the start of the video, he claims to make $300 a day becoming an affiliate shows some proof of doing it then gets into the nitty-gritty.

Clickbank Affiliate website build using google sites
Free Clickbank Affiliate website builder using google sites

“FACT: If You Can Order A Pizza, You Can Make Money With This System!” CLICK HERE

Deciding On A Google sites Niche 

So, first of all, you need to decide on a niche that you are going to use on google sites click here for some help on a previous article I have written.

I Have decided on trading the stock market, im not sure on what other niche to decided on im open to any suggestions.

I’m going to do a couple of sites to give this the best chance I can.

Then we can see the spread of results from each clickbank affiliate website that we have built on google sites hopefully this will work and i may start making some money.

Clickbank Affiliate links

As the caffeinated blogger suggests, I will put some ClickBank links on here as well just in-case you are interested in any.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and websites and not sure how to use ClickBanks click here for my simple how two tutorial.

16/06/2020 Day Two 

Clickbank Affiliate website build using google sites
Keywords & long tail Keywords

Keywords & Long Tail Keywords

During the youtube tutorial, he mentions building up your keywords and phrases you are going to use

I have changed my mind about 10 times on this its a hard one to decided on as im covering a few various bits in this blog.

I have finally decided to aim for a few Big traffic words in the title and link my site out to these topics hoping it will help my site generally.

Clickbank Affiliate website builder using google sites
Build Sales Funnels, find niches & more

Keyword tool comparissions 

I have been trying to find one that’s free now even ubersuggest is charging now so I have been using google keyword planner.

It’s free I haven’t subscribed to any others yet as I don’t trust them as every one of them is different.

Below are three results using the same keywords from different tools and the differences in outcomes.

Google Keyword planner.

How to day trade – 466 impressions high comp.

How to day trade – 5,859 searches high comp.

How to day trade – 51 – 100 searches medium comp.

So as you can see above each one is different and not just a little bit either, Let me know which service have you been using and what kind of results you are finding from it.

Below the main keyword and phrase I’m going to concentrate on for the google sites I’m going to create.

Day Trading Strategy

Day Trading Strategies

Below is a link to the site please take a look its still been built should be finished in the next day or two

Day trading – 3 simple strategies.

I’m not sure if that the right way to go about it what’s your view?.

My angle is that I will get ranked for both day trading, which is high and hard to rank for, but the strategies part is the easier to rank for but fewer views.

Earn Money From Home
Cb Engine For Clickbank

Clickbank For Affiliate Websites

Clickbank is one of the eisiest and largest suppliers on the web for affiliates to advertise company products.

I think that some of the products are a bit spammy and very American based so I am quite picky in what I choose.

At this point, I also take a look at CBENGINE.COM take a look yourself I find it very useful there claims are that they are the Top ClickBank Analytics search site on the web.

That isn’t an affiliate link I just felt like I would share the site with you.

You can use cbengine to do various searches From highest gravity of affiliate programs to most sales and much more about applications.

17/06/2020 Day Three

Got quite a bit of info onto the site yesterday I was quite surprised, got my first strategy of the three covered, and I think the layout of the site is starting to come together Google sites is quite easy to navigate and has a few useful features.

Click here to take a look at the site and let me know what you think.

Going back over the youtube tutorial he doesn’t mention doing anything with the home page.

But I think I am just going to stick some general stuff on there. I have found a site that has some great widgets you can so I will have a go with them and see if it helps the look and feel about the website.

I’m aiming for the 2000+ word post with the site so having to do research as well as try and write the site out is a bit of a challenge.

Earn Money From Home
Making text Bold

Making Keywords Bold 

I came across articles in the past where the main keywords on the webpage have been made bold I guess this to try and help with SEO ranking.

 Still, don’t know if it will make any difference I have just done a quick google and had a look at a few pages, and they all say it won’t make any difference to SEO, but I will make the words bold and see if it helps.

What’s your opinion of making words bold have you tried it does it work or make no difference at all I would love to hear your opinion on the questions I have been asking.

Meta Description For SEO

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) click here for a previous post for a full explanation

A meta description is called excerpt on its located on the menu thats on the right of the screen.

I think the meta description is available on pages but not the meta tags.

Meta descriptions are very beneficial t your site and rankings if you don’t fill it out google will use your first paragraph which isn’t very helpful.

It needs to contain Your main ranking keywords and a direct but simple explanation of what the page is about think of it as your sales pitch google uses these words for its relevant results.

Keep it over 60 characters, but under 155 as google won’t count them if they are too short or too long.

earn money from home

Meta Tags

What are Meta Tags and should i use them here is a brief explanation of where and how to use them for you.

In the menu same place as the excerpt wordpress calls them tags thats where you need to pop your main article keywords and slight variations just put a comma after each one. 

It just tells search engines what your page is about so then it can place your page into the different categories and rankings.

On My website, I have found that the tags have helped get my pages noticed and get impressions separate keyword impression from the same page as well because of the tags.

I have just had a look around and done a bit more research. 

According to MOZ, it says that in 2019 google algorithms don’t consider meta tags.

Also, Ubersuggest says that you don’t need to use tags.

I feel that they are trying to hide something, remember to follow my blog to get the latest blogs direct.

If you keep an eye out for my next monthly affiliate progress update, I will cover this in some depth.

BUT please don’t go keyword stuffing random stuff as you think you will rank.

If the article doesn’t hold any value against the tag don’t use it, it won’t get ranked so don’t just waffle on and put random hoplinks all over your page and then essential word stuff them.

You just put a comma after each tag you can go as crazy as you want and I have still seen pages ranking, but I keep it to ten for some reason. 

I know my website is in its infancy, but my keywords and meta tags are starting to get noticed, and my page rankings are increasing over time.

 I think I will do an article about website every month stating how it’s doing and getting on. 

earn money from home
Google sites experience


Using Google Sites

I thought I would do a general update on using google sites free website builder as I have never built a website on there before especially an affiliate website. 

From the start, you tell the difference, and the layout is quite easy to use I had to play around with it a bit to understand how to remove and edit and get the boxes the right size and uploading images was an easy process.

It has some useful features. I like the collapsible text box it keeps the heading on the page, but you have to click to open the text box I like that as with original posts like this I find them text-heavy and just a drain even before you have started. 

So I’m going to see if there is an option on WordPress to do this and maybe try and implement it.

My only main issue with it is moving images and getting them central they just don’t want to go in the right place at all. Apart from that, it was an overall pleasant experience.

Google site 

I’m just adding the finishing touches to the now so if you could take a look and leave a comment that would be great and I appreciate your continued support.

Grammarly BLOG 

This blog is created using the Grammarly premium yearly version. I feel that its an integral part of my blogging journey.

I’m a 40 yr old dyslexic, so if you see any issues or you think my blog doesn’t make any sense.

Or you just like correcting peoples grammar let me know in the comments I am open to suggestions and used to people pulling my written efforts apart from a very young age.

earn money from home

There are affiliate links on this blog so I may receive payment if you order from one of my links you will not be charged any extra its just a commission for me from the company who created the product or service.  

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