What Is wealthy affiliate

What is wealthy affiliate? Wealthy affiliate offers an affiliate income starter package to help you make money online. 

They help you create an Affiliate Niche website from the ground up using video tutorials, blogs the community and more.

About six months ago, I decided wealthy affiliate was the best option for me below are some of the facts why.

what is wealthy affiliate


  •  All in one Affiliate website solution up to 25 sites.
  • Proven Strategies to Attract Loads of Traffic.
  • Transform Your Ideas into Profits.
  • Community support area at your fingertips.
  • 598,500,000 Products YOU Can Instantly Sell.
  • Quickly ask for expert advice.

If this sounds like the kind of package you’re looking for click here to take a look they have a seven-day trial for you to take advantage of as well.

Wealthy affiliate support coaches

What else do they offer

They offer 100s of videos starting from the very basics registering a website, adding legal disclaimer pop-ups, explaining in depth what SEO is and how to use it also.

They also have keyword generator system that’s integrated into the SEO and building of your website free to premium members called jaxxy.com, but they put a limit on the results you can use per day.

what is wealthy affiliate

If you wish to upgrade there are two price brackets $49 a month or $99 a month which isn’t cheap.

They convince you its one of the best things for your research and site building, so it makes your mind up for you which it is really you need to know what to write and how to rank.

But the program is owned by them also, so it’s just another upsell they do.

I personally use AHREFs but that on its own if $99 a month but I use a lot of the features they promote but when you are just starting out you don’t need all that.

I found KWfinder is great service but its $49 a month so its entirely up to you but you do end up paying a premium for any service like that.

Please don’t rush out and use Neil Patel as his results are way off what the rest of the market results are there are a few blogs wrote about this just have a google before if you’re interested

If you’re not sure about the terms and new to affiliate marketing, don’t worry. I didn’t six months ago either. They guide you through it all With online videos, coaches, forums blogs the lot.

It’s all quite straightforward and self-explanatory.

You have managed to navigate onto this page and read this blog if you can that you can build a great looking website its as easy as that.

how much is wealthy affiliate
From $49 A Month

How Much Is Wealth Affiliate 

One of the most critical factors for you the price, the monthly package is $49.00 a month. Which I think is an excellent price for what you get there have been years and hundreds of thousands of hours poured into the site from the owners and the community. 

They offer a yearly discount if its paid upfront, which saves you a good chunk of cash as well. 

Below is an image taken from the website so you can see the price break down.

Wealthy affiliate prices

How can wealthy affiliate help you 

They can help you by setting it all out in a simple straight forward step by step process you can backtrack and watch whichever tutorial you like again until you’re comfortable with it.

But I guess you have already been looking on google and youtube “How to become an affiliate” it just sends you into a spin, doesn’t it.

Or maybe you have made a start and feel you need a bit of support or advice your site has just hit a brick wall and isn’t getting any views or going anywhere.

It’s not your fault its all gone through my head and still does now.

You end up overthinking Have I laid my blog out the right way? Is my on-page SEO ok if you have any doubts or queries? Then this is the place for you. 

They offer a free trial before you commit so I would strongly suggest taking a look click here I completed the first ten videos in one night then signed up to premium I thought it was that good.

Wealthy affiliate helping with direction
Giving me direction

How wealthy affiliate has helped me

Wealthy affiliate has helped me by giving me the starting blocks needed to create an affiliate niche if you are looking for a planned, organised way to develop and promote your website. I would recommend wealthy affiliate. 

I have been a Member for the last six months now and think its a great starting platform for anyone’s journey into affiliate marketing.

I have created another blog about wealthy affiliate click here to take a look its quite in-depth.

When I first started, I hadn’t got a clue what I was doing what a keyword was or what the hell SEO let alone how to use it

But within the wealthy affiliate community, people in their ’60s are using it and are very successful if they are, I’m sure you could.

It just takes that first step to start you on a new journey and hopefully, a new income.

Wealthy affiliate you got this

Other Questions 

You may have some additional questions I am not covering everything in this one blog I’m going to break it up into manageable chunks if you would like to take a look at click onto the heading below to visit the page.

Wealthy affiliate alternative clcikbank

Alternatives to Wealthy affiliate 

Clickbank University offers a similar kind of service to wealthy affiliate. I just found them a bit too in your face pushy sales techniques.

I’m not saying it’s not for you they claim quicker results and more modern approach but like with anything do your research I can only recommend what I am using and have an opinion on the rest and make your own decisions.

Click funnels as the name suggests they concentrate on the funnel approach using advertising campaigns and push sales techniques again but take a look and make your own opinion.



If you struggle with your English as I do I have dyslexia and get my words muddled up, and my sentences don’t always make sense, so I find Grammarly premium a fantastic tool and use it everywhere. 

You can try it out free click here I can highly recommend it let me know what you think about my blog in the comments good or bad its appreciated.

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