Wealthy Affiliate Discount

Wealthy affiliate offers various discounts on their program; they teach you how to make money online and become a successful affiliate earning a passive online income.

Wealthy Affiliate Monthly Price $49.00 a month no discount

Discounts include 7-day free trial, $19 for for 30 days. They also offer a 39% discount if you pay yearly. See below for full list and pricing.

They offer many tears for the premium version.

  • Monthly $49.00. ($588 For the year)
  • 6 Months discounted to $39 a month ($468 For the year)
  • Or yearly $359 for 12 months (Upfront).
Wealthy affiliate 20% discounted price $39 a month for six months

If you decided to pay monthly, it’s quite considerably more $229 more.

It would be better off in your pocket than theirs, considering the time frame they quote, i.e. 6-12 month to become profitable.

If you can pay for the year upfront thats great but if not you could consider a credit card as your interest rate isn’t going to be 39% apr, or maybe it is, please remember to keep up payments.

Still not sure click here to take a look around the site and possibly try the 7-days FREE TRIAL.

Wealthy affiliate 39% discounted Yearly Price $29.92 paid in full
Wealthy affiliate child's play

Or maybe take a look at ClickBank university it’s a similar program and it might appeal to you.

HINT Make sure you have a niche in mind click here to take a look at one of the previous pages I have written for help.

Just make sure you have a spare few hours to be able to complete most of the steps in the week. 

They let you watch ten on the free version, which helps you create your first site. 

Then it’s up to you thats what I did when I signed then the 30 days for $19 and crammed as much as I could in again I created the two websites below take a look and let me know what you think.



I have broken down all of the different questions I have answered to make it more manageable and not loads of text, so if you wish to take a look or have any other questions, please see below.

Further questions about Wealthy Affiliate

Grammarly Premium 

If you struggle with your English as I do, I have mild dyslexia and get my words muddled up, and my sentences don’t always make sense to others but look beautiful to me.

My wife helped me at first, but it was becoming a bit of issue so decide that I needed some help thats when I found Grammarly I downloaded the free version wrote another blog gave it to my wife to read. She couldn’t believe the difference, so I instantly signed up for the premium version.

It’s a fantastic tool. I use it everywhere on my phone, for text messages and emails, on my laptop.

While using word documents doesn’t seem to work on open office though at the moment. 

You can try it out for FREE I can highly recommend it let me know what you think about my blog in the comments good or bad its appreciated.

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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