How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate

How much money can you make with wealthy affiliate is a bit of an open ended question.

Huffington post which is the number one blogging site makes $14 million dollars a month while number 5 makes a mere $2.5 million a month.

It just depends on the vendor you choose and how you get your traffic. Amazon offer up to 4%, whilst ClickBank offers up to 90% and Argos 1.5% then it’s how you generate traffic and convert to sales.

List of various vendor commission rates.

  • Amazon Affiliate 1-4.
  • Clickbank 5 – 100%.
  • Get response 33%
  • Shopify 200%
  • + Many Many More.
affiliate customers

Well, thats got you thinking hasn’t it how do they pay 100% or 200% and still make money themselves. 

Its because they have products to upsell within the program that they know will sell.

So they are happy to offer you the first payment in full as its probably only a fraction of what they charge for the rest of the program.

Thats ultimately what you want to do is once you have a template and an idea create a product be it an ebook how-to guide that you can create then sell that product as its unique to you for your customers.

There are many factors which affect how much money you can make it depends on the amount of traffic you receive traffic usually converts about so 1000 visitors = ten sales it’s not unknown to have 10 -20,000 visitors quite easily.

Internet users

Or you could choose the route of paid traffic wealthy affiliate doesn’t promote this, but it doesn’t mean you cannot research and implement into your business plan.

There is the age-old organic traffic that can take up to a year even to start getting noticed, or you could self promote via social media and other free traffic sources.

The amount of money you can make with wealthy affiliate is endless; you could build the next Facebook or amazon starting on their site, but you would probably move on as it does have its limits.

wealthy affiliate is simple to use

How wealthy affiliate works  

Wealthy affiliate works by supplying you with an understanding of what an affiliate is and how to create a website that converts.

First of all, they start by introducing themselves then onto the introduction videos taking you on your first steps into the world wide web.

It’s quite exciting registering your domain and creating your niche. Especially when you publish your site for the first time, and it’s life it was that wow moment for me and ever since I have thought I could do this.

I have enjoyed the journey up to now the only thing I found until furlough I had no time to write the blogs well I was squeezing in an hour or two.

Now I have plenty of that since COVID-19 kicked in I have been off for the last 14 weeks I work offshore as a refrigeration/HVAC engineer at the moment. Still, hopefully, this will become my full-time time job in probably another year or two I’m realistic here I hope its sooner than that, but we will see.

On furlough deciding what to do

 So been doing quite a bit work across all my sites, I have listed them below if you wish to take a look around, they have translated the videos into text version as well.

I found if I opened another tab with a wealthy affiliate on and follow what they tell you to it just made the process a little better.

Click here to take a look you can enrol for free its a seven-day free trial, but if you like it, you can then take advantage of the offer it’s $19 for 30 days which is what I started with before I went premium.

Below are two sites I have created on wealthy affiliate if you wish to take a look.

Let me know what you think in the comments they are both entirely new sites, and I am still working on them, so keep an eye out for more info. 

I have broken down all of the different questions I have answered to make it more manageable and not loads of text, so if you wish to take a look or have any other questions, please see below.


If you struggle with your English as I do I have dyslexia and get my words muddled up, and my sentences don’t always make sense, so I find Grammarly premium a fantastic tool and use it everywhere. 

You can try it out free click here I can highly recommend it let me know what you think about my blog in the comments good or bad its appreciated.

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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