Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program

Welcome to wealthy affiliate info if you are or looking to become an affiliate and promote wealthy affiliate you have come to the right place.

Yes, wealthy affiliate offer an affiliate program to its premium members with a full support package.

It’s only for premium members though you cannot access any affiliate links. Unless you a a premium program user then its on your dashboard once you’re all setup.

They even have a full set of training program with videos and tutorials showing you the best ways to promote.

Even a free trip to Vegas more on that later..

They put quite a big emphasis on promoting the program they even fly you to vegas on an all-expenses spared trip to meet and greet other affiliates and the owners of wealthy affiliate

But its only if you complete 200 signups or more with that year.

The amounts they pay for each successful student that enrols is below.

wealthy affiliate affiliate program pay out structure

As you can see it can be very lucrative to become a member and promote them. click here to join the site and the affiliate program and start your journey with wealthy affiliate.

I have also broken down all of the different questions surrounding wealthy affiliate below please feel free to take a look.

It’s to try and make it more manageable and not loads of text.

If you would like to read my main post about wealthy affiliate click here, I made it my mission to try and cover every angle of wealthy affiliate as I fancy going to vegas next year.

Question time 

Don’t worry, its not a quiz If you could answer in the comments that would be great and I might do a little dance to celebrate.

Where are you on your journey?

What are your goals?

Do you need any help?

Grammarly Premium 

If you struggle with your English as I do, I have mild dyslexia and get my words muddled up, and my sentences don’t always make sense to others but look beautiful to me.

My wife helped me at first, but it was becoming a bit of issue so decide that I needed some help thats when I found Grammarly I downloaded the free version wrote another blog gave it to my wife to read. She couldn’t believe the difference, so I instantly signed up for the premium version.

It’s a fantastic tool. I use it everywhere on my phone, for text messages and emails, on my laptop.

While using word documents doesn’t seem to work on open office though at the moment. 

You can try it out for FREE click here I can highly recommend it let me know what you think about my blog in the comments good or bad its appreciated.

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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