Weight Loss Plan Day 2

Join me on my journey to lose two stone using 16/8 intermittent fasting, calorie control and gentle exercise. 

Check out my YouTube channel to see previous days and more info.

Welcome and hello if this is your first visit can I say a big thanks for taking your time out. 

My promise to you is that I will help you achieve your goal and lose some weight.

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I added my boxer dogs at the start of the video who would like to see some of them as well to make it a little more exciting or just your opinion that would be great.

On we go then there are three parts to this diet I have broken the info down below the first part is the intermittent diet then onto the gentle exercise and finally the calorie control.

8pm end of fasting period



16/8 intermittent fasting 

So I managed the 16 hours again from 8 pm – 12 am. It’s hard going and will take a few days for my body to adjust too. You have to keep telling yourself you can do this I think documenting it has helped.

All I had today was three black coffees this time and two water I will have to try and up my fluids a bit.

As thats what most people lose when they first start dieting and think why has my weight loss almost stopped. 

Maybe join in yourself and let me know your daily progress in the comments each day I would love to hear from you all.

I think i have managed to control my calorie intake quite well and keep myself moving up to now but its only day two.

Gentle excersise to help loose weight

Exercises to help you lose weight 

My aim here is not high impact six pack exercises as we are concentrating on losing the weight first then I will move with that part as part of my keeping your weight under control once you have lost it. 

You might not believe it, but if you follow my guide, you could be jogging 5K 3 miles and be at your ideal weight.

The first few days it’s your responsibility to see what you are capable of its just going out for a walk and hopefully achieving 5000 steps. 

Everyone starts somewhere and don’t be ashamed of your average even if its 1000 steps a day increase to 1500 I am going to base this on my levels, so my average on my smartphone is 4000 a day, so I have upped it to 5000 I take the dogs a bit further, and that seems to do the trick. 

Just try to push yourself a little further you know your limits stick to them.

I will be sticking an image on here when I have done my steps for you to take a look at, but as mentioned earlier, I forgot to take my phone with me, so I have just put 4000 my average.

Controlling your calories

Calorie Control Diet 

Calorie control is all about keeping a count on what you eat, its quite surprising how many calories you are having without realising it.

Whilst dieting, the recommended amount for men and women are below.

  • 2000 for men 
  • 1,500 for women 

Calorie controlled Lunch / dinner 

I decided that I would try and keep my intake low, so I opted for soup, and some bread no butter below are the extras I had as well and total calorie count for my dinner.

Dinner chicken noodle soup full tin = 128 cal

2 x bread ( No Butter) = 172 calories 

5 x cups of teas 36 cal each = 180 cal 

Medium apple = 95 cal 

Chocolate mouse = 90 calories 

1 x 250ml Robinsons squash = 4 calories 

Lunch / Dinner Time Total = 537 calories 

Calorie controlled evening meal / Tea 

 I thought I was cooking a decent healthy meal tonight with chilli con Carne, but I was the wrong didn’t realise there were so many calories in the mince and rice but thinking about it there is plenty of fat in the mince. Below is the breakdown of calories and the total.

How I worked out the calories was to weigh the meal at each stage.

First the rice it was two quite large ladles full which came to 488 grams. I calculated the calories from the packet, and it came out at 561 calories.

With the mince and sauce, I had to guess the weight, so I did 3/4 of the weight for the mince and 1/4 for the sauce thats how I came up with those figures.

Rice 488 grams = 561 calories of rice 

Sauce 45 grams = 22.9 cal 

137 grams of mince = 342.5

Evening Meal Total = 925 calories 

so below is my total for the day I made a mistake when I took the dogs out I didn’t have my phone with me a schoolboy error but I have just rounded the amount up to 4,000 steps and deducted 150 calories from the total for the day so below is the total amount of calories and the total with exercise taken off

Dinner Time Total = 537 Calories 

Evening meal = 925 Calories 

50 Gram Toffee Crumble = 255 calories 

Walking distance unknown guessing 4000 so I’m only going to take 150 calories off for exercise.

Today’s Total = 1,567 calories 

I didn’t realise that chilli con Carne was so bad nearly 1000 calories on its own I have listed it all above but check out my YouTube video to see labels and recommended portion sizes.

Its that time again to stop eating and start fasting wish me luck and i will put another update on tomorrow.

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If you need more info on fasting calorie control or exercise click here

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