16/8 Intermittent fasting day three

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Intermittent fasting is part of this combination diet which also covers calorie control and exercise to help you lose weight.

This blog will help explain it in a bit more depth.

I’m looking to lose two stone whilst documenting my diet on YouTube and via my website.

I’m now three days in and lost 3 lbs which I think is great I was looking at losing 2-3 lbs a week so it wouldn’t matter if I stayed at this weight now until next week.

I am no expert I have read up and watched videos about it and heard great things from family and friends so, please don’t let me stop you from taking a look yourself I’m just saving you a bit of time with a brief explanation there is quite a bit of science behind it.

 Please remember to pop back to check on my progress you could even take part yourself let me know in the comments below.

Well its almost dinner time again its 11:31 and to say I am hungry would be a massive understatement I’m starving.

Still holding strong and hoping you are as well let me know in the comments.

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So I have a total running loss of 3 lbs now, which is brilliant three days in as all I was looking for was 2lbs a week so I hoping the scales keep on tipping my way.

Intermittent Fasting 

So what is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a diet that using fasting, i.e. not eating for a regulated amount of time each day to help your body go into starvation mode.

What does starvation mode do?

Your body is starved of calories and food for 16 hrs its starts using your reserves so ultimately burning and using fat; instead, it’s a great way to diet.

I have also included two other parts to the diet to help you maximise the weight loss all is explained throughout my journey.

Can I Have Any Calories During the fasting period?

I don’t have any zero, not even a taste I even avoid using the same spoon as my wife, who has two sugars in her tea.

No milk, no sugar, no chewy, nothing except BLACK COFFEE & WATER you could have black tea but I’m not too fond of it.

So if you are following my plan, it’s zero calories nothing, not even a taste.

For 16 hours I have even googled brushing your teeth to see if that could affect calories I think that is a bit extreme, but I still had to google it and it said as long as you don’t swallow you should be fine.

What Time frame Do I Use 

If you wish to follow my plan, I’m using the 16/8 rule I fast for 16 hrs from 8 pm every evening until noon the next day making it 16 hours. Thats the times that work for me but if you’re doing the night shift or have a later lunch change it to suit yourself when I am working my dinner is 12:30, so I stop my calorie intake at 8:30 pm.

I also try to do some form of exercise just before noon as thats the best time for your body to use its reserves FAT, so you lose more weight.

But from noon, I also follow the part of my diet plan, as explained below.

What Should I Eat After Fasting?

Some say you can eat as usual as much as you like, and you will still lose weight.

I don’t believe that thats why I have added a calorie control part to the diet see below for more info.

I’m going to cover it in a bit more depth on day four so remember to call back and take a look.

Calorie control Diet 

Onto the next part of the diet, I will only briefly explain this part as I am going to go a bit more in-depth tomorrow.

But we all know what calories are and what they are about you have too many you will put wait on.

So i have a control limit whilst following the fasting plan as well.

I will try to keep myself under 2,000 calories as that the golden rule for men it’s 1,500 for women.

Today I have gone a bit extreme as I am only at 1,344 for the day I think I will up it a bit tomorrow as I was feeling it a bit getting belly pains and hunger pangs pretty bad.

Lunch Time calorie control

3 x rashes of bacon 81 grams = 226 calories

1 x Pepper & Salt Bread cake = 253 calories 

Banana 105 calories 

Lunch Time Total = 584 calories 

Evening Meal Calorie control.

4 x Bangers = 368 calories 

1 mash 200g = 176 calories 

Mouse = 90 calories 

3 x cups of tea = 108 calories 

Evening meal total = 760 calories.

Gentle Exercise 

Onto the last part of my plan the gentle exercise as you can see, I managed to do 5,383 steps today, so I have managed to hit my target. 

After the first week, I’m going to up it 6,000 then keep on putting a 1,000 on each week until I reach 10,000 then hopefully I will be at my goal weight of 13 stone 10 lbs.

Thats me for the day now. I hope you are enjoying my plan it’s working for me logging and documenting it all. 

I’m just hoping it helps others, not just me.

Below are the previous pages i have published and info about the diet.

Info About The Combination Plan

Day One

Day Two

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