Calorie Control Diet plan Day Four

Calorie control is part of my combined diet plan, which consists of calorie control, 16/8 intermittent fasting, and Gentle exercise.

Click here for the weigh-in and more info.

Well, it is day four now and to tell you the truth I think that I would have given up if I wasn’t committed to documenting it all for you. 

It was hard yesterday, and this morning I think its because of the lack of calories yesterday I only had 1,300 for the day, so felt a bit weak.

I have upped it today so Let’s see if that makes a difference.

Below I will cover the basics of the combination diet but have highlighted each part on a different day.

Today I am doing about calories and what they mean.

How to prepare yourself to get your mind into the correct mindset for dieting.

intermittent fasting

I covered intermittent fasting in a bit more depth yesterday click here to take a look at the blog and vlog.

I thought I would cover calorie control a bit more in-depth today and why it is so essential why it goes hand in hand with weight loss.

Understanding Calories  

A calorie is a measurement of energy in a portion of food or fluid, just like a mile is a measurement of distance.

An average male can consume 2,500 Kcal (10,500kJ) per day and maintain a healthy weight.

For females, this figure is 2,000 Kcal. (8,400kJ).

We can find the calorie info on almost everything now as the NHS is trying to educate us in the UK now.

What we need to do is educate ourselves earlier in the week I found that chilli con Carne had nearly 1000 Which surprised me. I thought it was quite a healthy meal.

The best way to approach this is to think about it is the amount of exercise needed to burn the number of calories you have consumed.

The figures below are calculated using my weight so yours will be different all results are based on 3 MPH walking speed.

100 Calories = 20 mins walk 

150 Calories = 30 Mins Walk 

200 Calories = 40 Mins walk 

250 Calories = 50 Mins Walk 

500 calories = 100 Mins Walk 

Consuming a mars bar takes about 30 seconds to eat but it takes 43 minuets of walking to burn it off.

I have listed below what I would typically consume on a Friday Saturday and some times Sunday nights.

Some times, even more than that.

  • 4 x Cans of Fosters larger 772 calories
  • A mars bar 230 calories
  • 3 x biscuits 207 calories
  • A packet of crisps 130 calories 

Total 1,339 calories 

Thats equivalent to 260 minutes 4 hours 20 mins or 13 miles of walking at a constant 3mph would be needed to burn the calories I consumed

Which is just crazy isn’t it, thats not even a wild night.

I could of quite easily had double if not triple the amount of lager and a kebab on the way home as well as everything else along the way.

Just think about those numbers for a while.  

Thats why we need to know what we are putting in our bodies before we even try to diet.

Kcal Meaning 

The K in Kcal means thousand, but when we write out calories for some reason, we still add all of the zeros, unlike KM where we would say I walked 5k not I walked 5,000k it is just a socially accepted figure.

KJ meaning 

The K in Kj Means Kilo the J is joules which are another measurement of energy just like Kilometer and mile both measure distance.

As mentioned above if we consume more than the recommended amount of calories or become immobile, i.e. lockdown or breaking a bone become lazy, we are not moving and using calories so the figure should be reduced to cater for the lack of movement.

But we also need to take into consideration other factors that will affect out health sugar, content, fat protein I won’t start on that until I move on with the diet a bit and we start controlling the weight and have gotten into the routine of the plan.

Calorie Deficit Diet

A calorie deficit is when we consume less than the recommended amount of calories per day and ultimately lose weight.

This is what we all need to do there are thousands of different methods and diets out there yeah yeah this is just another.

Well, I suppose it is, but it is me documenting my journey, and you can witness me lose the weight and if you think it looks good.

Join in thats why I am documenting it all it’s free and hopefully enjoyable for you to follow.

My Luch Time Calories 

1 x burger = 126 calories 

1 x Salt and pepper bread = 255 Calories

 30 grams of cheese = 50 Calories 

Medium Apple = 95 Calories 

Total For The Morning = 526 Calories

Evening meal Calories 

Chicken casserole = 539 calories

200g Mash = 176 Calories

1 – ½ Morrisons treacle toffee puddings = 612 Calories 

Total For the evening Meal = 1,327 Calories.


2 x orange cordial = 30 calories 

5 x cups of tea = 180 calories 

Total For the day = 2,063 calories 

I walked 6,547 steps which are tracked my dog walk on run keeper App on my phone, and it said 4389 steps was 326 calories so for the rest I will add 150 calories so 476 calories for exercise.


After a bit of a higher calorie day, I am feeling better and can continue with the diet. 

Gentle Exercise 

So the best thing for us overall above all the fads, tests, the latest tablets, books, or even fasting.

Is getting moving its free, and it makes us stronger fitter and lose weight. I will cover this in more depth tomorrow so please take a look.

To cover the basics and know what we are trying to achieve is to set a goal and reach that goal daily.

Please don’t set it at 50,000 steps a day be realistic.

I have set mine at 5,000 a 1,000 above my usual average more on this tomorrow. 

So its 9 pm an hour into fasting and feeling better about it now and hopefully will my weight will move tomorrow, but I am happy with my results up to now and hopefully will have lost 4-5 lbs by the time the weekend is done, and I am a week in.

Signing off for tonight and hopefully start reaching some people soon. 

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