How can I lose weight fast naturally? DAY 5

My combined weight loss plan helps you lose weight by combining intermittent fasting, calorie control and step count with daily treats and weekly cheat days.

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Calorie Control
  • walking to lose weight

To take a look at the overall plan and understand the basics click here

 this is day five so you could take a look at the website to find out what i have been doing upto this stage

 or hop over to my youtube channel.

I’m trying my best to document my journey, in various ways to help others lose weight also to help me stick to the plan and get over the hurdles of weight loss.

We are all individual and have our own goals, but we all have the same end game, don’t we? 

Lose weight get healthy and enjoy life that little bit more.

The main thing for me is to enjoy what you are doing be strick with yourself during fasting but have daily treats.

It’s all about controlling the amount we have and sticking to that goal.

I used to eat two or three bags of crisps but the second one was never as good as the first, and the third was never as good as the second think about it we probably all have done it. 

So have one but savour take your time to enjoy and then look forward to your treats tomorrow.

Look at your accomplishments for the last few days have you managed to hit your step goal keep below the 2000 or 1500 calories well done. 

My goal is to lose two stone for health and vanity generally to feel better about myself. 

What’s your goal let me know in the comments section below.

I will reply to all comments. Personally, let’s do this.

My daily blogs contain a bit more info each day about what I am doing, and the importance of each part I have covered fasting and calories today is Friday, so it’s all about cheat day, but we still need to keep our sights on the goal.

16/8 Intermittent fasting 

This is one of the parts of the plan I use to help me lose weight I fast for 16 hours then I use the calorie control for the 8 hours eating and then my steps pulling it all together. 

To read my blog concentrating on Intermittent fasting, click here.

Calorie Control 

Calorie control is an essential part of any diet we need to limit or burn the calories we consume.

I limit myself to 2000 calories a day without the exercise calories deducted as that deficit will help us even more.

Click here to take a look at the blog which covers this in a bit more depth.

But today I have blown that big time as its cheat day KEEP FAT FRIDAY see below for more info.

Walking to lose weight 

Yep, you got it if we control our diet, i.e. calories we do the fasting, then we incorporate exercise just walking you don’t have to run a marathon. 

We will start losing weight; it’s not rocket science; it is its about a bit of self-control.

Which brings me onto.

Keep Fat Friday (no calorie counting.)

It is just a daft name we came up with as we tend to have junk food most of the day.

Well, more than usual anyway see my YouTube clip for the number of calories I had today and what I ate.

I think it is essential to balance it all out if you have been following me up to now, you know I like sweet treats.

They are fine in moderation and within the plan.

But I’m not too fond of the thought of having to stick to a plan every day, so I have decided to do a cheat day I think everyone needs it. 

But please remember don’t make the mistake of having 10,000 calories today and wipe out all of the hard work you have done all week have a few things you are craving.

I have still stuck with the fasting until noon today then it fell off a cliff after that.

We went out for the day to go for a walk was supposed to be 7 mile but ended up been a lot shorter due to the rain. 

I still achieved 11,400 steps which counteract some of the calories, but I think life is about doing the things you enjoy.

 I quite enjoy eating, so I plan to have a fat Friday every week. 

I’m already planning next week treats and thinking about next fat Friday so, please enjoy, throw yourself into this, and we will lose some weight together.

Thats it for tonight I feeling pretty stuffed right now and enjoyed every calorie.

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