Lose weight walking -4lbs DAY 6

Check out day six on YouTube for extras

My combined diet plan has three stages 16/8 intermittent fasting, calorie control and walking to help control your weight and help you lose weight.

I am going to post every day for seven days, and then I’m hoping to do two to three posts a week for you to follow my progress i am going to keep at this until i have lost 2 stone my target weight been 13 stone 10 lbs..

All of the info and figures you find on here are from online calculators using my height and weight. Yours may differ dependant on your weight and size. 

During the first seven days, I have been explaining what I am doing and how I go about it so you can follow me and hopefully get the same results.

Yesterday’s post was all about KEEP FAT FRIDAY.

I like to call it that as I don’t count my calories well, I did for blog purposes and have the things I have wanted all week but in moderation still.

Below is a list of previous days the title explains what the blog is about but it also contains my weigh-ins and other info.

Walking to lose weight

Walking to lose weight DAY 6

This is the last topic I’m covering as I have covered the other two parts calorie control and intermittent fasting on Wednesday and Thursday.

I know we all know that exercise, i.e. Walking will help lose weight 

We understand the importance of exercise, don’t we its just hard finding time or the motivation for it. 

Below are three examples for you, since the topic is walking and counting steps.

How long do you think it would take walking at three mph to use up the equivalent calories for each of the pictures.

I know its crazy right it surprised me when I looked at it and put the info in online its all about educating ourselves once we see that it’s down to us and what we are consuming thats when we will make and see a difference in ourself and our weight.

Motiving ourselves is the most challenging

Time is always going to be there it’s just how we manage it.

Make the time you might not feel like you’re tired aching or just feeling down.

You want to sit and eat watching Netflix, but that isn’t going to help is it.

As above one biscuit at 60 calories is a 12 min walk.

For more examples and bit more info about calorie control-click here to take a look at my previous blog.

I know I have sat and ate half a packet, well even a full pack at times.

You need to train yourself and have some control I’m just starting to add them back into the diet again now but only have 3-4 a day. 

How to set your step goals 

My average on the health app on my iPhone was about 4,000 steps, so I decided to make that 5,000 this week.

Next week I am going to up this to 6,000 daily I’m hoping to get it to 10,000 steps a day.

But it’s your plan your goals it is up to you how you do this.

If you are not very mobile due to weight or health issues and you are only averaging 1000 steps a day just up to it a little

You know your limits try doing another 100-200 degrees a day see how you get on then move on from there.

Its the only way we will progress.

So give yourself a shake stick some footwear on head out for a walk just for 1/2 hour or even 10 mins it will make a difference.

It is good for the soul as well as your healthy body. 

You think it is boring to grab your headphones and set your favourite playlist going to have a sing-along the way.

Getting started is sometimes the hardest thing to do.

Then next time someone offers you something, and you say no bring up the amount of time it takes to burn off the calories this will reinforce you and help you to stick with the plan.

Its 1 min walking at 3 MPH to burn five calories 

16/8 Intermittent fasting

This is also an essential part of the diet below is a brief explanation if you’re not sure what intermittent fasting click here to take a look at a blog and vlog that explains it in a bit more detail.

But in a nutshell, it’s fasting for 16 hours zero calories nothing no sugar milk no nibbles no gum nothing. 

Then i combine this with the next topic.

Calorie counting

Basically, just knowing what you’re consuming and doing something about it. 

I didn’t know how much exercise you needed to burn off a custard cream I do now, and I was quite shocked, so it makes me think twice about eating them.

Calorie intake for me should be 2,500 calories a day for an average male whereas for women it’s 2,000 thats to control weight and keep it at a constant.

To lose weight, we need to reduce this but not too far, either or out body will react to it and not lose weight.

Research and studies suggest that 2,000 for men and 1,500 for women should see you lose weight at a reasonable pace.

If you would like to take a look at a blog which concentrates on this topic a bit more click here.

Below is what I have eaten today and the total calorie count with my exercise taken off.

Vegatable soup = 194 calories

2 x bread (No butter) = 172 calories

Bannana = 105 clories

Curlywurly = 97 calories

18 gram pack of haribo = 55 calories

2 x Cuppa tea = 72 calories

Total = 790 calories for dinner

3 pm snacks

Apple = 95 calories

3 x biscuits = 210 calories

Evening meal 

Chicken Wraps & Chips = 1,093 calories 

2 x cuppa tea’s = 72 calories

Total for the day 2,165 total for the day.

Subtract Exercise = 1,615 calories for the day 

I walked 11,427 steps 2,000 steps is about 1 mile, so I walked 5.5 miles in total at three mph that would have taken 110 mins 20 mins is 100 calories 550 calories burnt in total.

Subtract that, and you get 1,615 for the day so thats tremendous and well below the 2,000 a day for men.

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