Diets that work week three -10lbs

Combination weight loss diet combining 16:8 Intermittent Fasting, calorie control and step counting to help you lose weight.

Well after a rough second week and only losing a pound haha I thought it was best I documented my progress again as it seems I am not very good at self-control LOL.

It is now Sunday the end of week 3 for me, and I’m just getting this written up, so then I can post my journey on youtube, and here I lost 4 lbs this week which is brilliant I’m am over the moon with that making it a massive -10 lbs in total now.

Every week from now on I’m going to be adding things and actions to the weekly plan extra exercises or things to do so keep an eye out for next weeks post.

If you need to catch up jump over to DAY 1 and lets do this.

Lose 2 stone, calorie control & Walking 

I have lost 10 lbs now in three weeks that’s 4.5 kilos following this plan. My aim is to lose a total of TWO stone so if all goes to plan that will be in about another five weeks.

I wish I could say I followed the plan strictly but I haven’t, I have my good days then bad weeks lol. But im still losing weight so must be doing something right.

During the the three weeks I have covered intermittent fasting the importance of calorie control and also GET MOVING TO START LOSING.

If you wish to take a look and follow my progress, check out the links at the top of the page and start the journey with me.

Jogging 5K 

I am moving onto the next part of the plan in week five, which is starting to get yourself used to regular exercise a few years back I used to jog half marathons.

If you have been following my plan upto now you should Hopefully be averaging 7,000 steps a day which is about 5 kilometres dependant on your size.

If not don’t worry just hold off for a little while and keep on upping them steps every day then you can move on.

I know you think I cannot do this jog 5K get real, but did you think you would lose any weight before you started this plan ?, so keep it up. You’re doing a fantastic job of it let’s keep it up.

I’m going to start easy NO jogging involved just pushing yourself walking as fast as you can for 10 mins then slowing down building it up from there a week on week. If you set your mind to this task, you could be jogging a 10K within 6mts.

But if you feel you are at this stage already check out my blogs after week four as I will be posting those soon.

Jogging 10K

Then once we are happy and achieving the 5k, we can step this up to the 10k thats in a while so watch this space.

The aim will be to do the 10K around an hour before we move onto training for the half marathon.

Jogging Half Marathon 13.1 miles

This is what I want to end at I was at this level a few years ago now so I know I can do it. I hope you follow me and enjoy it as well.

I have previously done five half marathon events my best time was 1hr 52mins which isn’t amazing, but it better than sitting in the armchair isn’t it.

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