Top 10 100 calorie sweet snacks and treats

Welcome to my combination diet plan. I combine 16/8 intermittent fasting, calorie control, step counting, and of course 100 calorie treats.

This blog is a little added extra for people who are following me and my diet plan I research as I go as I am no pro.

I document it all on here and on YouTube with the ultimate aim of us all losing some weight.

It’s been a massive help to me documenting it all. It’s helped me stick to the plan and I think that is half the battle.

How about we create a chat page at the bottom in the comments section then I can offer you some support as well.

You could Let me know your goals, why you’re here.

be it health, wanting to see kids grow up or just for vanity like me I’m not a vain person just a bit paranoid I think

I hate to see my podge sticking out in window reflections, in photos, in the mirror just seeing my podge makes me suck it in and feel bad about myself.

So I thought it’s time to do something about it.

which helped me make the decision to create this plan with posts and videos.

I have been playing g around with websites and YouTube for a little while now not really had any success hopefully this will help. Range the rides.

please let me know what you think is it worth my time.

we’ll to me it is as I’m losing weight and that’s my goal

Now onto my number one of the top ten I have choosen.

NO.1 Curlywurly

97 CALORIES per bar

This by far the best treat at 97 calories you can have in my eyes anyway let me know yours.

Quick question do you know how much exercise is required to burn off a 100 calorie snack.

Think about it I will explain later and it may shock you as most of the treats listed here are small but 100 calories or less

NO.2 Haribo mini packet

Only 34 calories per pack

I love jellies so I might have a couple of packets a day just depends what I fancy.

I started all this off to lose weight as I have mentioned but I also wanted my cake and eat it kind of scenario .

So that got me on the hunt so I could could incorporate some sweet treats into my weekly plan without it all going wrong.

It’s more of a lifestyle change for me if you can change the mind the body will follow.

My research really surprised me whilst finding these treats it revealed how bad some are compared to others.

For me the biggest one was biscuits two measly custard creams is 116 calories 😳 how can anyone only have two that’s some self control if you can. Instead I reach for one of the treats I have listed.


95 calories per bar

Another nice child hood treat for me as well and only 95 calories. I think savoring these moments are the best a little at a time.

It makes you feel like you’re not on a diet but you’re still losing weight.

I get so much more satisfaction from than two biscuits.

It’s all about finding out what works for you I let myself have treats some days more than others I try to set a max of 300 calories a day during the week Friday and Saturday are keep fat days.

I’m going to do a top 10 bad things soon as well so remember to follow my blog to keep up to date

There is one thing I’m sure you’ll agree on life without chocolate well is it worth it 😉

So don’t Worry this isn’t half a cup of berries or 20 olives nope not here wrong blog go back to google and look elsewhere please lol.


71 calories per bar

Sadly only one of these but you could have a haribo above making your calories 105 and for taste factor I think this one is a winner.

The best thing you can do is think to yourself should I really be eating this how many calories are in it.

You where maybe consuming say 3,000 calories a day or more before.

Now your consuming less than 2,000. If that involves some sugary calorie controlled treats then that suits me.

The list helps you control your calorie intake as you know what you’re eating.

Thats half the battle understanding what’s going in and what your burning.

Nope dont worry it’s not fruit or veg or a piece of cardboard with something spread on it it’s a real treat.

Though you should incorporate plenty of fruit and veg.

But sometimes I just need that treat fix, and I’m guessing your the same.

It’s not a strict diet it’s up to you if you stick to the plan you will lose more.

Hopefully it’s changing the way you look at food it really is for me.

I find myself stopping and looking and thinking about is there something just as nice but less calories you can enjoy treats and still lose weight in a controlled fashion.

It’s a life style and mind set choice I am trying to achieve here as it’s all new to me as well it’s taken me years to gain the weight so I expect it to be a while to get it off as well.

Don’t me wrong I am a massive lover of sweets crisps everything nice really but now I’m 40 yrs old it’s all starting to catch up with me.

I thought it was time to change my ways learn about foods a bit and lose some weight get some exercise involved aswell .

20 mins walking for 100 calories

That’s right its a 20 min walk for the average person to burn 100 calories walking at 3mph.

So I thought it was best to create a post to give some guidance on treats and portion sizes.

It’s all about educating ourselves about what’s good and what’s not and implementing this into our daily diets.


96 calories per bar

Milk chocolate little bars for when you need that pure chocolate fix and it’s less than 100 calories as well.


80 calories per mousse

Yep cheap I know but Morrison’s chocolate mouse just hit that desert spot for me at only 80 calories as well you can enjoy every spoon as you can tell we shop mainly at Morrison but these are.


Chocolate Milkyway on a milky way background

98 calories per bar

Another nations favourite is the milky way and you can see why at 98 calories each


79 calories per packet

A hard one to choose as they are just morish but you could always have two lol just keeping control and portion sizes is the most important bit


97 calories per bar

Still getting your Jaffa cake fix and keeping the calorie down just one of these is only 97 per bar


99 Calories per bar

Nestle breakaway is another great one to keep in the cupboard to reach for when you fancy a treat.

As you can see there are a few sweet treats you can enjoy it’s just a case of taking a look at your favourites and checking out the calories and maybe choosing something else.

I was very surprised myself at some of the results we have three kids in the house and have a sweet treat back that I used to spend quite a bit of time in lol

Having just eaten your 97 calorie curlywurly and snuck in a packet of crisps in @ 136 calories you can sit back and think im under my 2,000 calories.

I can remove the 7,000 steps I have just done today from that total as well.

7,000 is about 350 calories, if have done it right, you should have consumed about 1,900 all-day inc the treats don’t be naughty

You can then take the 350 burnt calories from your total leaving you with 1,550 for the day.

Brilliant or what keep up the good work the weight will fly off.

We can worry about fats and sugar content later let’s get that weight off for now.

Change the way we eat and look at food for good.

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