Week 4 Combination diet plan inc 16/8 fasting, calorie control & step counting

Week 4 of my combination plan combining intermittent fasting, calorie control and step counting.

Well what a week Ive had been back at work after furlough.

I work offshore and got stuck in the shetlands off the north coast of Scotland for three days before I even touched any tools.

Because of this, I’m not sure of my weight loss this week I will just update in week five.

If you’re new to this plan. Please check out my previous posts and Youtube clips I’m sure you will find them helpful I have lost 10lbs as of week three.

What’s new this week

As part of my weekly updates I incorporate something else each week it might be trying to do more steps, some simple excersies or just some new hints or tips I have learnt.

This week I have added some very simple and easy exercises onto my weekly YouTube clip to start incorporating weekly.

I have only done them twice this week myself but it’s just doing it which is the hardest part.

You can choose what and how you incorporate into the plan it’s up to you.

If you’re doing anything I haven’t mentioned why not let us know in the comments, and others can try it out as well.

Anything I add will be nice and easy and it will progress as the plan does.

This weeks only take a couple of mins and will help It’s all about getting out of our comfort zone.

Doing things we don’t normally do helping with toning and weight loss whilst we are doing it.

Five day 16/8 intermittent fasting plan.

I have decided since I cannot stick to the plan at the weekend I would make the fasting only five days a week now instead of cheating and not reporting it.

It’s a good idea to try and limit yourself a bit or what’s the point in all that effort you put in during the week.

My plan is to have Friday and Saturday night off starting the fasting again at 8pm Sunday evening.

I’m pretty sure I will still lose weight and won’t beat myself up so much for not sticking to the plan.

If it doesn’t work out we can add the weekend back on can’t we.

Now moving onto my step count.

Step counting for weight loss

Before I travelled offshore I did a couple of walks in Aberdeen to keep my steps up I did 6,695 on Tuesday and 8,200 on Wednesday.

I even walked to the heliport for a 5:45am checkin on the Wednesday.

That’s dedication for You isn’t it.

It was 22 mins walk just over a mile with 15kg of bags.

5:30am stroll

I have uploaded walks and some views of Aberdeen to my YouTube channel if you would like to take a look.

Whilst offshore I have been been on the treadmill daily trying to keep to the 7,000 steps a day going.

How are you getting on?

let me know in the comments and how much weight have you lost up to now.

I cannot count my steps around the platform because you are not allowed to take your phone outside.

On a platform there is a Lot of walking involved and a hell of a lot of stairs out here.

Including my lunchtime stroll, I’m sure I will have done 7,000+

I set the machine to 3.5mph my average pace for 20 mins.

I’m hoping I have achieved a stone in total when I get home 🤞.

16/8 intermittent fasting

I have stuck to the fasting really well this week no breaks or calories during the 16 hours.

It’s becoming part of the daily routine now which is good I’m still hungry mid morning.

That’s what time it is now 9am time for another cuppa black coffee then.

I haven’t had to adjust the times either with me been at work as lunch is bang on 12 the only thing is the early mornings 5:45 alarm it makes lunch so much further away lol.

Diet plan ups & downs

Ups, I’m feeling a lot better about myself this week not feeling as bloated as I did before I started the journey.

I think my belly is shrinking as well I will get some photos done when I’m home ready for next weeks post

As mentioned before I’m getting on with the plan now it’s. Lot easier and I’m not checking food calorie content so much anymore as I have an idea now of what’s in it now.

The hardest thing out here is portion sizes they pile your plate high and I just have to eat it all.

I can hear my mum saying you don’t leave the table until you have eaten it all lol.it’s funny what sticks with you through life isn’t it.


Well this week I don’t think I have any I stuck to the plan well I’m hoping my weight loss will show this next week.

So that’s me done for the week I hope you’re all enjoying my journey and hopefully joining in until next week

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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