2021 lets build wealth & Assets

If you’re new welcome I’m Jonathon little please call me Jon lets keep this a little informal shall we, this is my story of what and how I become successful yep become not became it’s a diary of sorts of what I am doing and how.

I’m just into year two now, and It has had its ups & downs, I have studied SEO, Keywords, PPC Funnels and just about everything else to do with passive incomes.

I have moved my focus slightly now im still going to work on the website but also look at alternative ways of acquiring some assets along the way be it stocks, property intellectual rights lets see what pops up shall we.

Some of the things I’m going cover in this post are.

  • Recommended investing and Asset info Books
  • How to get your Finances on track
  • My issues and problems
  • What I am going to do in 2021

So its now 2021, I’m jumping back in the saddle, hopefully not going to miss it or get bucked off in the process, taking you with me blazing into 2021.

When I started the website back in December 2019, I wanted to build an affiliate income website and thought it would be a walk in the park write some stuff do some YouTube videos and hay presto I’m an influencer lol.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

It takes quite a lot more work than that, I have lost interest a few time and popped back now and then but its time to sort my life as I’m not too fond of a 9-5 job or working for anyone.

It’s not that I have an issue with power, its that I don’t want to climb the corporate ladder to work until I’m 70 then retire on a little amount of money. I want to build assets and enjoy my life a little more than that.

Over the years, I have tried a few different things from hiring out satnav equipment, an eBay shop with a turnover of over 120k a year also a buildings maintenance company doing property repairs

I’m going to write all that out as well as when I reflect on what I did I succeeded as somethings but sucked at other bits.

I failed massively at some and just didn’t put enough effort into others as my heart wasn’t in it, it’s taken me longer to get over some of my failings than others.

Once I almost lost everything that scared me back into employment, luckily, I have a trade to fall back onto, But I’m back and ready to have another go now and hopefully help some of you out as well.

Moving onto finances and how am I funding this.

The first thing I did which took maybe two years was to sort out all of my debts I paid off loans, credit cards, cancelled direct debits right down to a bare minimum.

Maybe not this far but it wasnt far away either, I’m going to write another post about this if you’re interested It will give tips and hints on how to get yourself to where you want to be soon including my 10% interest account that I have today.

One of the ways I have raised some much-needed money is unfortunate there has been a death in the family, and we now have a lumpsum, and I’m not going to waste it on a new car or a holiday.

I want to invest it, so it got started me back on with my journey again.

I aim to retire in the next ten years by the time I’m 50, that’s my plan if I can do it earlier all the better.

Shiny Object syndrome

I have found out that part of my issue is I’m a bit OCD when I start on something new I forget all about everything else and concentrate on that one thing, I get so absorbed so desperate for that to work everything else gets put on hold.

I didn’t do well at all at school I was diagnosed with dyslexia at 17 years old whilst retaking my English GCSE I didn’t understand and instead of trying I gave up.

 I ended up with one GCSE, a C which is a pass here in the UK the rest were classed as fails below C.

I don’t know if you’re the same as me. I think its just human nature to get absorbed in a subject, but when it doesn’t work out, I get upset, take a step back start the whole process again.

That’s why I am back again now its time to give myself shake get myself organised and a routine to post and do things daily I’m going to do it for all of 2021 this time not a couple of months here and then come back six mts later and have another go.

I have had businesses in the past and hope to have more in the future, so I turned to Affiliate marketing and passive incomes. To help me create a side hustle, as you may well be able to read between the lines I’m not scared of working and giving up my time it just needs to feel that its worth it.

Time to make some changes

I’ve had my 40th birthday during lockdown, and this past couple of months, I have started reflecting on what I wanted, what I have and what I would like if you follow my drift.

By the age of 30, I wanted to be a millionaire nope that didn’t happen. In my 20s, I had a couple of business on the go a buildings maintenance business also an online shop on eBay selling tools all doing very well.

I tried my best, but in the end, I didn’t look after the accounts, overspent and didn’t take everything into account so the taxman got me and I had to close the businesses and go back to my trade.

By the age of 40, I wanted to be a millionaire nope that didn’t happen yet again, But I didn’t do much in my 30s I wasted a lot of money on the stock market trying to become a day trader well spent about 5 yrs doing it and didn’t turn a profit.

 As I mentioned earlier, I stick to for a little too long sometimes I still think to this day I can do it but have learnt a lot over the years.

Organisation skills

Moving onto timekeeping, I am never one for been late to the party or meeting I class myself as been kind and approachable but I have issues with an attention span as mentioned before.

What I am doing to do to help me sort myself out is giving myself a timetable, I have several things I want to work on to help me succeed you can follow my story and help make money work for us, not us working for a money paycheck to paycheck. That’s a quote out of Rich dad poor dad. I highly recommend you getting a copy it puts a different angle on money and business.

  • Make Money work for me, not me working for money.
  • Split my time over a few different things.
  • Educate myself as much as I can read and watch as much as I can.
  • Start doing stuff you don’t try you don’t know.

I have never wanted to be a cog turning at the same speed, answering people above me and aspiring to be them and keep everything else moving.

That’s what put me on my path of trying to work for myself and set up various incomes and try different things.

I recently read Rich Dad Poor Dad I am currently reading his second book Cashflow quadrant. I can highly recommend this book as it puts a different perspective on working for money the education system just about it all.

Whilst Reading rich dad poor dad, it gave me the kick I needed to start up again not just sitting watching Netflix, playing COD mobile, even though the crown, Mandalorian, to name a couple.

I have Just completed writing out my review of rich dad poor dad click here if you would like to a look for yourself

Money working for you and me

My plan for 2021 is to sort my website out and try to get it ranking back on google again by updating previous posts posting new posts.

 Will post how I have found keywords why I have done what I have done and how to be transparent and show you I am starting from nothing.

As it mentions in rich dad poor dad are ways to make money work for you, so I’m going to concentrate on some of the things below.

  • Write out some actual reviews.
  • Investing in the stock market.
  • Investing in assets.

Writing reviews.

I’m going to do actual reviews of products, books I have read and what I have done to get me to where I am now. If you fancy having a go yourself, I would check out the guys on income schools channel it is worth the cost.

They teach you all there is to know about building a site and what to do and what not to do I should’ve signed up at the start I wish I didn’t really, but here we are.

The tips they share are quite simple, but it’s a step by step guide using google to find your keywords and help write articles.

Investing in the stock market

I’m currently reading NAKED TRADER by Robbie burns as well it’s a top seller in the trading world.

It’s a real eye-opener into how to invest and build your stock portfolio. I will be posting about this as I get started and providing some examples as well.

It’s quite in-depth and isn’t a get rich quick scheme either you need to put the work in to get the results out.

I have only read the first couple of chapters until now I had read it a couple of years ago, but I didn’t have funds to invest, but I have now more on that later.

I will let you know how I get on, I hope to post weekly, but it will just depend on where I am working wise as the internet isn’t great everywhere in the north either.

Investing in assets

I have had a couple of times received a lump sum of money in the past. I have done the usual thing everyone does pay off debts to treat yourself, and it’s all gone.

But as it says in rich dad poor dad, I should have invested in properties if I had done that in my 20s I would be sat on a large nest egg now but let’s not dwell on it.

Assets, for example, a building, car or even a tool something you have purchased and can make an income from.

Unlike like buying a car to use personally, which is just going to lose money until it ends up in the scrap yard.

I don’t own any assets myself apart from this website which has the potential to make me an income from recommending you to buy things I have tried and tested via affiliate links. But the whole reason I have started back up again is to build my wealth, so I invite you to join me.

Investing in MYSELF

This one is important to me in the past I have put too much pressure on myself to get something sorted not using my time well still doing 12-14 hrs a day but just moving not progressing I think the turn around is maybe age now.

I previously wanted to chase the money looking for ways or schemes or get rich quick, and I think that’s part of the problem the turtle always wins the race, as they say, if it is too good to be true, it probably is!!!!!.

I found out the hard way a few times in the past and have realised I have a lot more than most do but not as much as others, in other words, its human nature to want more and not be satisfied,

Now I’m 40 I have taken a step back and think about what I have.

It’s humbling give it a go!!!!

Think about your current situation. It could always be a lot worse, even if you’re homeless living on the streets reading with nothing to your name. There is someone in the world who would want to take your place in the world they are taking there last breath to them you have more than they could ever wish for a life to live so let’s do it smile be friendly and see what we can achieve.

So try to concentrate some of your time to this and in return brighten up your mood.

For me it is my wife and family it will be for a lot of people. My wife and I have been together 20 years now, and I still love her as much as the first day we kissed.

At times we are like chalk and cheese she loves to sit all day if she could and watch Netflix or things she had watched before.

I used to sit in the other room scheming the next big thing or trying to work something out to make more money which never has I now take some time out and cuddle on the sofa watching chick flicks.

As a lucky man, I have just about everything anyone can ever need, but I still have that knot for more.

That went better than I thought I had not written anything down for a while and, to be honest. It’s a release even if no one reads it its helped me, and you never know a few years from now lots of people may be taking my advice and following my plan.

I’m hoping to do this weekly, with an update of what I have done and read invested in what’s worked and what hasn’t.

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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