Cashflow Quadrant Review Robert Kiyosaki

Cashflow quadrant is the second book by Robert Kiyosaki. It’s the book after rich dad poor dad. He teaches us about finance and how to think like the rich, not poor.

Cashflow quadrant Robert kiyosaki

What is cashflow quadrant all about

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  • Should I read rich dad poor dad before cashflow quadrant
  • Is cashflow quadrant worth reading
  • What is the meaning of cash flow quadrant
  • Cashflow quadrant summary

Alittlemore about me

Cashflow quadrant is my third book already this year and its not even the end of January 2021, which coming from a 40-year-old dyslexic from east Yorkshire is bloody fantastic in my eyes ( sorry if you pick up on bad grammar or spelling, you know why now).

This review and my website isn’t trying to sell you anything, (Little fib there I might get 0.02p for you following an affiliate link I supply).

Don’t worry you won’t be charged any extra please see it as small thank you from you to me.

I’m just documenting what I have been doing and how. I have been reading what I have found, and how I am formulating a plan to become financially free as soon as I can click here to see my first post

Click here to read my 2021 review on rich dad poor dad.

Anyway sorry back to topic haha.

Should I read rich dad poor dad before cashflow quadrant

Yes, you should read rich dad poor dad before cashflow quadrant.

He is trying to teach us about how the rich and the poor think.

It isn’t a case of one dad lived in a cardboard box, and the other lived in a 50 million pound mansion. It’s about been financially poor how we look at money and how we spend it.

I found it very awe-inspiring and been poor well ( Financially poor) helped a lot as well, I think.

It is all about principals and mindsets and guides you to help take the first steps and start doing what you know you can.

It’s given me the shove I needed to kick start my journey again, plus I received £10,000 from a bereavement in the family.

 I feel I shouldn’t waste it on a motorbike, car, holiday, campervan or motorbike aweeee motorbikes I love them.

Mental note stop looking for a new toy or toys, especially motorbikes.

Is cashflow quadrant worth reading

Is cashflow quadrant worth reading

YES!!! Cash flow quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki is worth reading. It’s full of terrific and helpful tips about wealth, finance and why people get stuck in the rat race.

He also gives us various insights into the different quadrants of business and people as well. It’s broken down into four parts hence that where the quadrant comes from one-fourth of a circle a quadrant.

The Quadrants are listed in the next topic with a brief explanation, without giving the book away.

He explains each of the cashflow quadrants in-depth, giving real-world examples demonstrating.

The types of people who live in each quadrant and why some can live in multiple.

Whilst you’re reading or listening to the book, you can categorise your friends into a quadrant and see what type of people they are.

It’s very accurate for me anyway let me know in the comments if it’s the same for you.

The book helped me reflect on myself.

I can see where I have been in my previous roles and positions in my 40 years now and my possible failings.

Fund growth

What is the meaning of cash flow quadrant

The meaning of Cashflow quadrant is Robert Kiyosaki’s personel opinion of people, finance, and business. He has put different people and firms into each area of each quadrant, pairing them up with the type of people we are.

We all know who we are don’t we, do you run headfirst in and think later, or end up with analysis paralysis not know what to do or how I’m at this stage at the moment but there isn’t any rush I have set my sights to learn as much as I can for six months then start doing so watch this space.

We all can pick at least one if not two below.

  • Risk-takers.
  • Straight-A students.
  • Never give up.
  • Just lazy.
Cash flow quadrant wall art

What are the cash flow quadrants?

The cashflow quadrants are E, S, B, & I. see below

  • E = Employed.
  • S = Self-employed.
  • B = Business.
  • I = Investing.

He explains each one in great depth with living examples of people and business types living in each quarter.

Whether it’s a personal choice to stay in one sector because they are happy with what they have got maybe, I will never understand why.

Ambitious people like myself struggle with this.

I have always wanted more. My wife is quite the opposite.

She says slow down appreciate what we have. We don’t need anymore do we well erm yeah we do.

That’s why I came up with the name of Alittlemore about everyone wants Alittlemore of something.

Be it money, love, weight loss, health the list goes on I just found it entirely appropriate website and title.

Cash for quadra summary

Cashflow quadrant summary

My summary of the cashflow quadrant is that Robert Kiyosaki is a smart guy who has put a whole series of self-help and guided books together infact I think he is one of the first to do it a long time ago rich dad poor dad was first published in 1997.

It a follow on so continues his tones about business and mentality towards money.

An example of this is we get a bonus at Christmas, or a rise the first thing we do is run out and buy the latest toys a tellly, car, motorbike even a bigger house getting ourselves into more debt.

He shows us and guides us with examples of how to change your mindset to achieve some goal and ultimately, happiness as money cannot buy true love the kind my wife shows me.

There is just so much info guides scammers in 2021 many people waiting to take your money from you.

That is why it is sometimes best to pick up a book about someone who has done it before and willing to share his experiences.’

I hope you enjoyed my review of cash flow quadrant I wanted writing it I feel I’m getting better with every post I do and Grammarly is helping me with it all let me know what you think can you tell I struggle with writing.

As mentioned, the whole point to my website is trying to help you by helping myself,  and putting it all down here.

 My website click here to see how to get yourself out of debt in as little as 12 months.

If that makes any sense okay, it does to me!!!


I would suggest that Grammarly can help anyone out with there blogs website coursework the lot it’s helped me if you want to take a look at my more in-depth Grammarly review click here.

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