The Naked Trader Robbie Burns 2021 Stock Market Trading

Robbie burns IE the naked trader is a mid to long-term stock market investor he doesn’t cover day trading but covers some CFD (contracts for difference) trades in this book and trading strategies he uses daily .

Robbie Burns the nake trader

Robbie teaches you how to understand financial statements what to look for and how to find good potential stocks to trade.

What’s Naked Trader About?

He wrote the naked trade to simplify the stock market not all pin stripped suits sipping champagne so he cut through all of the jargon to help people like you and me understand the markets better.

Showing us where to find stocks and how to trade them in different market conditions.

Even a total novice like me can learn how to buy and invest, through technical analysis, Financial results, and good old research as he suggests with a good cuppa tea and some toast as Robbie put it.

Click below to find out answers to a few questions I found online.

What’s it all about why Naked Trader?

You think its rude, crude even, isn’t investing pinstriped suites and millions of pounds, not nakedness for intelligent, well-spoken people?

The whole point to book is that he trades from home to trade naked from home he has amassed well over 1 million pounds from the stock market with his gems of knowledge that he shares with us and put into one book.

As he states in the book if you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme, please read no more as this won’t be for you it takes work and is a hell of a lot take in it will take a few reads and plenty of notes but that’s what education is all about.

Without further ado, I will answer some of the common questions about this book and a few about trading.

About Me

I am Jonathon Little, but please call me Jon or whatever you would like I’m sure I have been called worse. I’m not a stockbroker or investor or pump and dumper (Find out in the book).

It’s 2021. I’m 40 years young now, and I have decided to educate myself in a few different subjects to form a plan and retire early.

I’m going to post monthly blogs like this with updates about my progression what I have read and doing to help me achieve my goal.

I’m offering you what I have learnt for free and offering the tools I have used and recommended for people to also benefit from.

Anything I recommend and link to from this site will be affiliate links. I will receive a small commission for recommending you to them.

I see this as a contribution to running the website and helping me put out content for you.

You can also find out how to do this if you’re interested, please take a look around my website. There you will find all sorts of info.

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Robbie Burns The Naked trader review
Me with my copy of The Naked trader By Robbie Burns

Best beginners’ way to buy stocks?

The naked trader shows beginners like you and me how and where to buy stocks Which brokers to use and a handy CFD trading guide to boot.

 It’s a great starting point for any investor; it shows you how and where to buy.

Similar questions are always asked about the stock market.

  • What’s the best beginner’s way to buy stocks?
  •  How do I buy stocks?
  •  How do I know which stocks are worth buying?
  • What’re the best beginners guide?
  • What strategy works best?
  • Should I day trade or Invest?

The best place to start is to educate yourself read, learn from others, and then watch the markets and see how they work and use it to make an informed decision.

The naked trader is a wealth of tips and guides to help you create a strategy that will work for you, after reading a few different books on the subject, I find his way of writing exceptionally good.

The only problem is I’m going to have to read the book about ten times with pen and paper at the ready as most pages have a fabulous hint or tip included.

I’m finding that if I take just one section that he suggests and spend a bit of time digesting and putting into practice then move onto the next part and implement with the rest, it’s an excellent recipe for success.

Stocks you can invest in
a list of stocks you can invest in online

How to invest in stocks UK

A similar question that gets asked is, how do I start trading stocks? You can invest in UK stocks by using a broker either online or over the phone using a brokerage in the United Kingdom think of wolf on wall street kind of scenario.

But before you jump in and open an account to buy the latest tip off a mate, about a mining company that’s struck gold, found a million barrels of oil in the back yard or the newest penny stock about to beat tesla.

Before all of that, I would suggest education!!!!

Yes, I mentioned this earlier, but the naked trader is a fantastic starting place for anyone.

You may have received a lump sum form a death in the family or a PPI pay-out.

Instead of going out and buying a car or a holiday spend £15 on this book.

Keep your cash in the bank you could even follow my example and end up getting 7.35% interest on your isa when the banks are only offering only 0.5% whilst you decided and formulate a plan.

Click here for more details.

Just following his guides and strategies could change your financial life.

list of uk stocks
How to find uk stocks to trade

What companies to invest in?

With over 2,500+ companies listed on the LSE (London Stock Exchange) and 2,700+ on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), what companies do you invest in?

There are many to choose from. I will give a few examples from the book the naked trader below.

TRENDS: – What’s the latest trend like Primark when it first started to become popular see chart below you could’ve made plenty from trading that

Primark stock price
Primark stock price success

From 2012 – 2015 1,200 prices per share to 3,600 tripled your money.

People are buying or talking about getting the latest car-like tesla, or a specialist coffee shop sees what’s happening where and follow Robbie’s steps in his book if the investment looks good ticks all the boxes go ahead.

Morning News:- check out morning news before open and buy stocks that will jump see example below for one, I spotted today I’m still just researching ATM but hoping to invest soon.

Kainos stock price jump
Kainos stock price jump on news release.

Kainos Group plc

Before open was £1141 per share, then 45 mins later were £1362 I have created my traffic light system just like the naked trader shows you in the book but mine is not limited to ADVFN only.

Drop a note in the comments, and I can explain how I have done it if there is any interest.

He also explains various other ways on how and when to invest click here to head over to Amazon to buy yourself a copy.


After reading the book, you must go back to the beginning and start again with pen and paper the naked trader by Robbie Burns is packed full of hints and tips and know how you can see how he has become a millionaire and a naked trader ha-ha.

In all honestly, you need to have a pot to start with, but I wouldn’t let that stop you as you can read implement and test out what he teaches and see where stocks go and see when to get in.

I take notes of companies that fir the criteria and watch them for a while then kick myself as they grow, and I didn’t invest its soon time to put my money where my mouth is.

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