My Millionaire Journey Month one

31 days into my millionaire journey, I am documenting my journey, I am not going to stop at a million either as that would be just daft, wouldn’t it.

Below are links to the topics in this blog post click on the one you are interested in, and hopefully, it takes you to the right part.

About Me

I’m 40 years young now, I have tried a few different businesses and epically failed in some I will start from the beginning back in 2005 my first go then let you know about the others I have had.

The first business I started was back, when I was 25 years old.

 A satellite navigation hire company called

I ended up purchasing and hiring out about 20 units in total. I also hired out portable DVD players for people going on holidays or to try out.

Sadly, this business dried up as more and more people purchased one and phones started to incorporate them, so I closed the company and sold all the units.

That was my first business It gave me a taste for business.

I have had several more attempts at business but not quite got them off the ground I will add some info about it in future blogs.

I’m documenting it all to take you with me on this journey, becoming a millionaire and beyond. Also to help give me a bit of focus a goal and a bit of purpose.i

I’m going to cover what I have been doing to change my wealth and health.

I am starting with education which is something I have never really got on with being a dyslexic and all.

I try not to let it hold me back it just takes me a little longer reading watching and deciding which way to go?

My financial journey began a few years ago with me clearing my debts store cards credit cards I had maxed out; I also had to use my overdraft every month!

I needed a way out Click here to read my blog about paying debts off it’s the first thing you need to do and become aware of money and how to deal and handle it, or you will end up back in the same place even after winning the lottery.

Let’s look at my current financial statement at the table below it’s a list of my existing assets. Please be gentle. It is the only month one of starting my journey.

Funds AvailableFunds InvestedResultInterestSource
£2,480£2,310+£1707.35%Nutmeg (I.S.A)
£1,000£1,000 0.00%Plus500
£2,187£1,863+£32417.39%Nutmeg (L.I.S.A)
£9,800£0.00 Family Bereavement

Above are the funds that I have available to start with once the money has been moved to savings; it doesn’t get moved out again.

It is now an asset to help build my wealth.

As you can see, we had a death in the family it’s the main reason I have started on this journey we could do with a new car as it’s a 2011 ford Kuga 10 years old this year and things are just beginning to go wrong.

But instead of wasting 10-15k on a car, I have decided to invest and grow wealth.


My first goal is to create an additional regular income to create a fund to be able to purchase a contract hire and replace every three years.

I know a car is one of the worst decisions ever cars burn money faster than anything. Still, I’m looking at building this additional income specifically for this I will spend £250 a month on a vehicle putting away £50 a month to go towards the deposit after the three years.

I have always had a passion for property even raised funds a few times in the past but, in the end, backed out.

All excuses of my doing wife becoming pregnant so spent the money cribs and nappies. Needing a new car how I wish I had bought another house not a car.

If I had done it as planned I would be in a vastly different position now, but I got wrapped up in the keep a job work my arse off and ending up with nothing.

After looking into property again, it’s still a good investment, but I don’t want to go and just put £20k into a house and then have to wait another two or three years to raise another deposit.

 I want a shorter-term return on smaller investments sectioning up my initial investment and documenting it all for you all to see.

Then I can turn the money from that into property and other assets, including some of my salary.

It’s not been an easy life to get to where I am now, I have a list of failed businesses a wife, car, three kids, mortgage, holidays, endless bills to name just a few but I have still managed to put some money away and hopefully make it grow.

I’m incredibly fortunate that I should add quite a bit from my salary over the next couple of months so the figure should grow quite quickly hopefully with my investments it will even quicker I will document what and how every month so please subscribe to follow my journey.

How I achieved 17.35% interest on my savings.

This is currently the only asset I have £2480 in my account, and £496 of this is interest.

I have had the account for two years now, and it’s going very well. It’s a digital trading platform that I use, and it’s just left to run its course, so the income is passive.

If you wish to read my the review on nutmeg click here.

Below are two screenshots of my account the first one is my ISA and the second one is my Lisa.

ISA return of 7.40% +£171
Best ISA return 2020
Lifetime Individual savings account L.I.S.A
My NutMeg account screenshot

Books I have read this month.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki

Why did I choose this first well I just googled about the book on how to become rich and this popped up on a few sites, so I thought let us give it a whirl?

It is a good book and put some perspective on business and be an employee click here if you wish to my full review on the book.

Cashflow Quadrant Robert Kiyosaki

This is a follow-up from rich dad poor dad and is just as good it explains four different quadrants as he calls them one side the rich life and the poor live on the other.

It is worth a read as well, but I have not continued with his series of books I might pick up another next month.

Naked Trader Robbie Burns.

I have had this book on my shelf for a long time now I started reading it and got a bit overwhelmed with all the advice guides and info in it is a fantastic starter book which teaches you the pitfalls of trading and brilliant examples of how to pick hot stocks.

Research and results

Here are a few examples of previous results, I have found these using this process and how they will be good picks.

Kenmare Resources Trading update 13 Jan 2021.

Market cap 449 million

Gross Profit = 34 million x 13 = £449 million Tick in the box

Liabilities = 223 million a little too high 3 x gross profit max

From the chart below, you can see that on 13 Jan it jumped relatively high from the open and climbed for another day or so.

If you had acted upon the trading statement, you could have made a decent profit from it.

To read my full review on Robbie Burns. The naked trader click here

Miracle morning

Hal Elrond and his miracle morning routine, it’s my new routine as well I start every morning at either 5 am or 5-30am depends on how I feel the night before.

Miracle morning is mental psychology, getting into a routine of planning, doing, and motivating, which gets stuff done.

It works I feel brighter, more awake, and have more focus for the day ahead. I look forward to waking up in the morning.

To read my full review, I posted the other day click here.

As mentioned in my review, I was going to post the rest of the 30 days on here to see how I got on,

DAY 4-7

Well, I went home the wife told me I’m daft to be getting up at that time, so I decided to stay in bed with her instead wink.

Days 7-14

Back at the apartment and back at work, set my alarm and my glass of water each morning feeling good starting to get a plan together now and starting to feel a bit more natural now.

It’s all fallen apart it’s the 31st today, and I have had a miracle morning for a few days now I’m hoping to get back to it next week, but I will be changing it around and adding a few bits which will help me more.

Speed wealth

Another short book so managed to read it and a day.

It’s all about building wealth quickly I can highly recommend it but if you have seen the Jim Carey film YES man with the author been American and having listened to one of his podcasts its very much like this.

Cookie cutters and planning business but it has some great info in there, so I can highly suggest reading it.

He wants you to take an outside perspective on business, setting it up with the then game been to sell or have the business set up in such a way that you can retire to Tahiti and sill get paid.

Which is what everyone in this world would like isn’t it.

It’s not for everyone but can inspire and light that flame needed to get you moving.

But as with all self-help books, seminars, and so-called gurus, you need to act.

Not pay someone 10K for a weekend of motivational speaking, I’m not saying it doesn’t help, and it has helped a lot of people, but that money could set you up in business and be well on the way to success.

This month’s achievements

It’s the end of Jan 2021 it seems to have a hell of a month and taken to pass I think that’s probably because I was paid mid-December and only just been paid again lol.

The significant achievement is in me. I have built up a bit of self-confidence again, given myself a shake found my weak points and worked on them.

I have read a lot and learnt a lot about myself this month from the self-help books and educational books I have read.

I have kept it going all month managing to do a couple of posts each week, a big pat on the back well done me.

February 2021 Goals

It is to continue with the reading but change the fields I am looking into and start looking at assets I am going to build and build them.

By the end of February, I hope to have invested at least £2,500 into business or asset to help with my growth.

I’m only going to do four blogs/reviews a month now three topic blogs and one monthly blog to have more time on specific subjects.

  1. Weight Loss.
  2. Book/program Reviews.
  3. Passive income and Financial help.
  4. Monthly Blog.

I have done these reviews to build my website and hopefully earn an income from affiliate sales in the future, but I am just posting with no links I will sort out later when I start getting traffic.

The whole point of this is to help me on a journey to become financially free I am slowly putting a system together posting blogs right from the start so you can follow my success and failures so hopefully, you do not make the same mistakes as I have.

The self-help books I have read help emphasise the whole point of doing it and looking after your wealth, and how building assets will look after you.

All of them are very inspirational, and I would advise you have a read to help get your body and head in the right place.

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