Day 9 -4% Day Trading crude oil challenge

Day nine of my day trading challenge using Plus500 as my broker, uk.investing for my charts using Heikin Ashi candlesticks using 5 and 1 min time frames with support and resistance lines price action and a pinch of luck.

Welcome back I’m offshore working now but the platform has good internet so I should at least be able to do some trading in between getting permits and working.

3 trades – 2 losses – 1 win

Details of trades, my conclusion of crude oil day trading chart result for the full day 09/11/21

Trade 1 -£10.40

After watching the day’s trade bouncing off the pivot line I thought I will get some of that and opened a short at the pivot line

Or at least I thought I did I reloaded the charts and no resistance line insight the second trade is on the line so don’t know what happened with this trade.

As you can see from the chart above it started climbing towards the line.

But then I open well below the line for some reason and it keeps climbing then closes me out.

The result below equity is wrong as I took a snapshot of my account at the end of the day.

Trade 2 -£10.40

GOOD TRADE opened on the line which has been bounced off a couple of times earlier today.

But the market had a different idea and just pushed through and kept going.

I did my usual and jumped straight in with trade three and it paid off.

Trade 3 +£24.10

Panicked trade that worked out, with the last loss I jumped in and hoped for the best.

As you can see the market headed down with the red candles but picked itself back up again.

I held strong even left the position. Without watching every pip.

It climbed towards the line got to the line then I wanted to hold out for more but stopped greed from taking over.

I managed to close for a small profit so all is good with trading today


Well after two failing days we are back in the driving seat seeing a profit of £3.30 is still a profit I tell ya doesn’t matter how small.

My first trade was a bit of an issue as not sure why that happened I cannot find the line I opened at or a reason why.

Put it down as a mistake and don’t do it again.

The second trade was fine the market just went through and took out my stop no ifs buts problems.

The third trade was a shitty open I panicked wanted in but took the last wave into consideration for my stop loss.

It paid off in the end cleared my losses for the day and made me a couple of quid.

Obviously, I need a hell of a lot more than that but it’s nice to have a plus day again.

Crude oil day trading chart results

Day trading results for crude oil.

Fingers crossed tomorrow I get the chance to trade and hopefully head back towards my £500 initial investment.

Checking the results above On the daily chart you can see it held out

If I continued to trade I could’ve made another 20-30 pips but we’ll leave those pips to the trading gods…..

What im reading.

I have just downloaded, the five-second rule. I have read a few self-help books and have taken something from all of them that’s why i am here doing this writing this blog making self trade and making it happen.

5-second rule

Don’t get excited guys it’s not going to help you in the bedroom haha.

I have read the first 50 pages its a lot to do about psychology and getting yourself into the doing mode instead of the trading water mode.

Anyway have a good night and will update tomorrow

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