Day 13 -7% day trading challenge trading crude oil

It’s the 15/11/21 day 13 day trading crude oil WTI, using uk.investing for charts displaying Heikin Ashi candlesticks with support and resistance lines.

I deposited £500 into my plus’s 500 account on the 28/10/2021 and I am looking to change that into £1000.

I’m down slightly but have almost done 50 trades I was up 26% then down as far as -10%.

I was hoping to do it in 60 trades but it doesn’t look like that’s going happen so I will just keep going and see where this ends up.

Welcome back readers,

I’m still offshore last day today then on the train for 8hrs to get home tomorrow yay.

Hope you all had a great weekend and great success last week of you where trading I could’ve done better haha.

I didn’t have much chance to trade today as getting jobs finished off and doing paperwork.

But I did trade once and it was a stupid trade why you ask.

Because it didn’t stick with my rules I made my own up and paid the price a loss again.

If I had stuck with my plan I should’ve had two-plus trades but we will save that for another day.

Trade 1 Short -£10.49

STUPID TRADE – whoops I did it again.

I made my own levels from a 1 min candlestick chart and lost.

As you can see on the chart below the market was trending down and I wanted a piece of the action so I jumped In.

See time at bottom for opening time

I have done this so many times I may as well go bang my head against a brick wall OUCH 🤕.

I stopped myself from doing it again and again again today I stopped.

Made a brew played a couple of games of golf clash then went back to work.


Well one trade one loss, that’s a great improvement on my part I felt the urge to open another.

Try and win back my loss but no I went out to work came back later to take a look and the market didn’t have anything to offer so I thought I would head up get showered and changed and write today blog

Down 7% I think it’s a major achievement really I have done 43 trades 12 winners and I have only lost £34.10 that’s good control.

I wanted to put £5000 into my account and trade with that but I stopped myself as it doesn’t make any difference at all if I trade with £5000 or £500 it’s still the same system I am using the same method and mistakes.

So I want to prove I can double my money to £1000 then Grow it from there perfecting my strategy as I go.

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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