Day 14 -4% 3 trades crude oil day trading challange

It’s 16/11/21 day 14 of my 60-day trading challenge, using uk.investing for my charts which are displaying Heikin Ashi, candlesticks with support and resistance lines with a little pinch of luck.

Today I’m travelling home from been offshore woking up off Aberdeen, it’s a 7hr train journey so I have had limited internet but still managed three trades.


All in all the first two have been losses and the last position has saved the day as usual but it’s still open it’s 10pm so the market has closed and it’s still open.

Trade 1 Short -£10.49

GOOD TRADE – I managed to follow the market on this one and open at the right place, it gave me a profit to start off with but it moved and forced me out of the market as you can see below.

Opened at the line and it went down I was too confident with the trade and should’ve managed the position better.

But it closed at my max stop loss so move on let’s find the next setup and trade again.

Trade 2 short -£17.85

STUPID TRADE – No real setup just my imaginary lines again.

I get too wrapped up In What’s happening I feel myself wanting to be in and trading.

Prove the market wrong I’m right not the market I will move my stop and then it will keep me a position open and I will profit.

But yet again I’m wrong and the market shows me to respect it, watch and choose the right spot not just any spot.

Trade 3 Short +£42.63

Opened this trade following my strategy it didn’t seem to go my way first.

I was getting nervous and wanted to close but got back to watching Locke & Key on Netflix and forgot about.

Market closed with position still open. I have set my trade up with an adjusted auto loss and also profit call. So either way the close should be a profit see position below.

Info from above position is at +£30.21 my profit call is +£43.79 and my stop-loss is +£7.30.

Good morning just had a look at my phone and had the kind of notification I like 👍.

Position closed at +£42.63


Well have I learnt anything in 14 days nope still making daft opens and watching the profit taken off me.

But In reality of course I have that’s just my inner Karen telling me I’m rubbish I cannot do this and to give up.

SHUT UP KAREN – I’m not listening to you I still have money in my account the market is still moving so I’m going to do this.

I’m going to carry on document trade and learn how to make a consistent profit.

Building my day trading into a career that will replace my day job and it’s income.

I’m in a good position to be able to have time to commit to this be able to fund it until my trading comes good.

Published by J Little

Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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