Day 15 -6% day trading challenge

It’s 17/11/21 Day 15 of my my day trading challenge trading crude oil WTI, using Plus500 as my broker. Uk.investing for my charts which display Heikn Ahsi candlesticks with support and resistance to trade from.

On the 28th of October 2021 I deposited £500 into my account I am going to change this into £1000 read more….

I always complete my trading log/blog during the day whilst I have positions open then I post the day after for all to see.

Welcome back readers,

Hope you’re having a great week as I am I’m home now and spent the day in York yesterday with my wife.

So I didn’t get the chance to trade much I set myself up before we left and opened position details below.

Trade 1 short -£11

GOOD OPEN – This trade was showing all the signs and ticking all the boxes that had just passed through my support line and had bounced back up to it.

The price also had smaller resistance levels above so I opened at the line see chart below.

The price did as expected and dropped 40 pips my aim is 60.

The big mistake on my part was just leaving the position open whilst I was out shopping with my wife.

As you can see it bounced and took my stop out. we were out for the day so I didn’t trade anymore.


It wasn’t a trading day for me today it was a day off. But I slipped in a quick trade in the morning before we left and sadly it was a fail.

The market fell a lot after my open all in all 200 pips which is a shame.

But there is no point in dreaming of what-ifs, buts, how’s or could haves.

I tried to predict the market movement and it didn’t go my way end.

That’s another day done let’s wait for tomorrow and see what happens.

Published by J Little

Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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