Improve Memory recall Achieve 10 out 10 every time

I will teach you how to memorise 10 items with ease with a simple memory technique.

You can learn 20 30 even 100 items, using this technique Anyone can with a little practice.

To start with if you have read any of my previous blogs you will know I’m dyslexic and having a bad memory comes with the territory.

Over the last couple of years, I have been trying to improve myself and try out various things to try and change my career path.

It’s not really gone that well 😪😪.

So I thought right it’s time to work on my weaknesses.

Which helped me decide it’s time to make a change, to see if I can improve my memory for starters it’s made a big impact so I thought I would share it with you.

OMG has it helped with names, facts, questions and lists.

Below is a list of 10 things to remember. please read them several times and write them down as well.

Memory recall list

  1. Cat
  2. Towel
  3. Yougart
  4. Ballon
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Dog lead
  7. Fish
  8. Light switch
  9. Cup of tea
  10. Picture of dwarfs

Normal Memory recall test

How many do you think you can remember my first attempt I managed four.

The average normal memory recall is 5 items plus or minus 2 which means if you are good it would be 7 and probably not reading this. if bad that would be 3 making the average 5.

Now get rid of the list put it in the bin hide the screen and without peeping write out the list from memory.

let me know in the comments how you get on have we got any 3 or 7s.

How to improve short term memory recall

The technique I have just recently learnt has massively improved my short term memory recall I have a list of 37 things that I can recall instantly and even do it backwards if needed.

How do we do it please explain I hear you asking?

We need to take a walk around, inside our minds setting up an imaginary route don’t worry keep it all to yourself we are all different houses places routes thinking up strange and wonderful things.

You need 10 settings or places all linked with each other the best example is to use your house.

I start at the back door and create a logical route through 10 rooms please don’t just use my examples as it might not work for you.

when I want to remember more things on a list I just add more into each room.

for example, using the toilet fill it with something, the bath a sink or kettle just makes it logical just start with 10 then you can expand from there.

Just don’t jump from your garden to your bedroom you need to remember the journey an easy to follow and flow route.

A good place for a lot of people to start is in the bedroom then navigate from there it’s your house your mind.

Once you have ten steps recall the route several times think of what’s in the room smells tastes good expirences😜.

You can kind of guess what we heading into next its place an item off the list into each room i have explained my list below for reference if needed.

Memory recall Techqnique

As mentioned earlier I always start at my back door then through the house please use your route.

Now list one item in each situation or place on the route keep the route the same every time.

Whilst creating your memories in each room go wild no one knows only you and the more extreme the better.

I have kept it calm for my examples below as you don’t wanna know what goes through my head lol.

1/ CAT So there is a giant CAT blocking my back door. Purring wanting stroking memory list 1 CAT remember to use your journey, not mine.

2/ Towel, I step through the door and trip over a TOWEL and hurt my arm memory list 2 TOWEL

3/ YOGURT – my bathroom I would imagine either the bath full of yoghurt or my wife in the bath eating yoghurt. Memory list 3 TOWEL

If yours is a room maybe your floor is covered in yoghurt or the bed is full of it when you climb in just remember it’s your story.

4/ BALLOON – my dining room table is covered in balloons makes me think oh no have I forgotten a birthday again whoops. Memory list 4 BALLON

Each time you place a new item retrace your steps think of the previous items recall the place and position or actions and move on to the next.

I have carried on with the list below if you need some inspiration but you get the idea now.

5 SCREWDRIVER – now I’m in my kitchen omg why is a screwdriver sticking out of the top of my kettle or sticking out of the fridge or even embedded in the wife remember it’s up to you. Maybe don’t tell my wife 😜.

And please Just don’t tell the officer it’s what I told you to do it’s your imagination remember. Memory list 5 SCREWDRIVER.

6/ DOG LEAD – Front room my dog is sitting with his lead in his mouth talking with a mumble to me about wanting to go out. Memory list 6 DOG LEAD.

7/ FISH – now on the stairs and there is fish on every step we have to move each one to get up. Memory list 7 FISH

8/ LIGHT SWITCH – first bedroom my son is standing flicking the switch at 100 mph it’s not working dad. Memory list 8 LIGHT SWITCH.

9/ CUP OF TEA – second bedroom I knock over a cup of tea in the doorway omg I will have to clean that up now. Memory 9 CUP OF TEA

10/ PICTURE OF DWARFS – my wife is sat on the bed eh erm looking at pictures of dwarfs on her phone. Memory 10 PICTURES OF DWARFS

Now you filled all of your rooms go around them again if you feel that you are struggling with one or two images. change it make it more dramatic it helps to remember dramatic.

Once you feel happy bin your written list grab a pen and paper and write the list I can pretty much guarantee you have remembered 10 out 10.

Try it again tomorrow I bet you can recall it even challenge yourself by doing it backwards just start at the end and work your way backwards.

Memory list backwards picture of dwarfs, a cup of tea, light switch, fish, dog lead, screwdriver, balloons, yoghurt, towel and cat see it’s quite simple when you know-how.

Let me know in the comments if it worked.

Last week I couldn’t even remember my own phone number I now know all of my close family members 10 numbers. I can also recite a lot of answers to questions which I never knew before.

What next ? phone numbers or names….

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