+£850 month 2 Stop wasting time Act NOW

Month two of side hustles i have been busy earing extra money from, American Express, Etoro, Profit accumulator, and what ever else i think will turn a profit.

I started this to help myself back on track health wise and money wise.

£850.36 is my new total for month two.

Can you do it !!!! Yes.

Just follow two simple steps below fill out two forms for starters and you could make an extra £240 for two hours of your time max.

Want to earn a consistent side income in your spare time you can lots of people are making an extra £300 a month for an hour a day.

More info on that later in the blog, it really is a great way to earn some extra cash Just keep reading for more great offers

I’m upto £275 after only 5 weeks.

BUT…. it all takes is some time and effort.

but If you work 40+ hours a week for £10+ an hour if you’re lucky just think about it 🤔.

I’m only two months in around my job and have made £850 I’m chuffed and doing well.

By following this guide you can easily make some extra money too it’s just up to you.

My mission is to make as much as I can as quickly as I can and show you what I am doing so that I can be in semi-retirement by the time I’m 50 so 8 and a bit years to go.

I’m going to keep searching signing up and trying new ways to make money online and pass all the info onto you.

If you’re just staring to think about sorting your finances out maybe just thinking there is more to life than debt and stress then.

The best place to start is you do you have credit cards, store cards and a never ending overdraft just as I did a few years ago don’t worry I feel your pain.

By clicking on the link above and following some instructions you will be well on your way to becoming debt free.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a millionaire I don’t even have 100k in assets or savings.

But I don’t have any debts excluding my mortgage.

I own my car and don’t have any other debts.

So the first thing you need to do is clear you debts no pint having £1000 savings making 5% = £50 a year in interest if your paying 10% = £100 on £1000 of debt.

Once you have sorted that then you can concentrate on building your wealth that’s the stage I am at.

Don’t worry about your mortgage or rent that’s always going to be a liability ie will always use money not make until you sell.

it will take time and commitment but it’s worth it.

I used to stress and worry about money im sure you do as well.

I remember having a knot inside that something had to be done.

I felt I was worth more, I needed to get out the mess I was in, I was 30+ years old overweight, in debt, a 20 a day smoker. I was eating and smoking myself into and early grave.

That’s when I stopped hiding away from reality I stopped thinking and wasting time and started doing.

It’s quite simple you can do it too.

  • Pay off debts.
  • Pay for yearly holidays.
  • Have money in savings.
  • Invest for the future not live for today

I know what your feeling why bother I’m not going to live to see 40 I’m enjoying myself. Why bother my time off is mine.

it’s only £50 or £100 it’s not really worth the hassle is it?

I will just finish this episode on Netflix head out to a party and forget about it live for now.

That is until the next bill or you’re 40 before you know it and payday still isn’t quite enough to cover the bills.

Just think In the time it took to watch an episode or the latest series you could’ve made and extra £100 it’s that simple.

You could even do both at the same win win.

It really is that simple you just need to get on with it.

Just switching your bank account can make you £100+ it’s that simple it’s automated service.

I have done it twice now and only had one Direct debit I had to sort out after wards.

Just fill out a form and they do it all for you everything swapped over nice and easy.

I’m with nationwide at the moment yes they charge me £13 a month but they supply AA breakdown assistance, travel insurance and phone insurance for the monthly fee which I don’t think is two bad.

It’s all about motivation getting started is the hardest part.

Then putting it into practice not letting the money fall down the rabbit hole using it to clear debts then build wealth.

Word of warning Once started you might become addicted and want to help others like me.

Im sure you have had that gut wrenching feeling before or when you think about money it cause it.

I’m sure everyone does and sadly some cannot cope with the stresses and feel they cannot get out.

It all just seems to be all work and no reward I relate to that I have lost just about everything before but managed to come back.

If you would like to follow me and help to achieve your goal I will be over the moon if it even helps just one person.

£129.17 cash back American Express

I applied and received my credit card just before Christmas so Christmas spends went on it as well as daily expenses. It’s now at £133 so free money just for using the card.

It really is that easy just apply online takes a few minuets and by just doing everyday spending and paying off in full monthly you too could have £125 after three months.

Sign up via my link at no extra cost and earn an extra £25 cash back on top of your £125 from me just apply for a card now….

Profit Accumulator total £275.65

Before you ignore all of my results below and say it won’t work it does this is living proof I’m living proof.

Yes it’s betting but it’s matched betting with no risk involved.


Too good to be true forget about it nothing comes for free.

Well it doesn’t it will be a learning curve for you it may take a while to sink but it works.

As You can see from the spreadsheet above I have now managed to £275 profit from match betting.

I have been posting my weekly progress and info about matched betting check it out here and how you can get started.

Copy trading eToro -£6.46

As you can see above the performance isn’t too great but there is a war just about to break out so this effects stock prices across the world.

Below is screen shot from earlier in the month as you can see the market is up and down very choppy at the moment.

It’s expected with what is happening around the world but it’s more of a long term trade account that I will top up over time.

Below is his past performance which is quite impressive and this is why I have invested a little amount to start with and going to invest more when I can.

To check out my previous post or take a look at eToro yourself click here.

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