+£119 profit accumulator matched betting results week 3

Week 3 £119 of profit using accumulator matched betting with a great positive result this week..

Week three only another two more bookies signed up this week. But that’s given me an extra £35 profit in the bank.

Click here to read last weeks blog and start the journey with me.

How to make money matched betting

How profit accumulator helps you make money is to show you how to set up your bets so that you make a minimal loss only pence not pounds on your first bet.

This then gets you a cash reward from the bookies as an opening offer.

You following the instructions on profit accumulator again but money left over this time is your profit.

Sounds good and Seems simple right.

It is really, you just need to follow the guides and you won’t go wrong.

Profit accumulator example

This is only a rough guide if you want to head over to profit accumulator and have a look for yourself click here you can sign up for free and make your first free £10.

Below I will show you what I have learnt upto now using profit accumulator I will do both examples one where the back bet wins and one where the lay bet wins

If you have any questions please just ask in the comments section

Profit accumulator qualifying bet

The example I am going to use is below.

You have deposited £10 for £20 free bet.

As mentioned this bet is to qualify for the free bet offer.

Once you have completed this step and the bookies have given you a credit you can move on to the next step for your free bet outcome.

First of all, we build up your qualifying bet as seen below.

You can see from the example above the calculator works out how much you will lose in either outcome.

It also tells you what your lay stake should be and your liability for the bet.

You will need to credit both bookies to carry out the bet this example it would cost you.

  • Back bet = -£10
  • Laybet -£5.78

Total £15.78 to place both bets.

Don’t be worried if set up right you will only lose £0.37-£0.38p and gain +£10

How I hear you ask let me explain I struggled with this bit even after watching videos.

Back bet winning outcome

Using the same example the back steak wins see the image above you would only lose £0.37p calculation below.

  • £10 x 1.54 = £15.40
  • Initial £10 bet returned +£5.40 profit

Ok Still following me right.

Your lay odds bet lost because the back steak won you would then lose the following on your lay bet.

  • Your lay bet cost £5.78 your loss
  • +£5.40 profit – £5.78 = -£0.38p

in this example your loss would be -£0.38p right still following don’t worry see below for the opposite outcome.

Lay bet winning outcome

If the lay bet wins you lose the bookies bet so £10 loss but you win the lay bet so you get the lay part of the bet which was £9.63 calculated below.

  • £10 loss bookies
  • £9.63 gain from you lay bet
  • £10 – £9.63 = £0.37p loss

So the end result will either be a 0.37-0.38p loss.

That’s about it for this week so will try and update with some info and things I am trying out on profit accumulator this week

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