2022 profit accumulator RISK-FREE matched betting explination

Matched betting

It’s Feb 2022 and here we have my risk-free side hustle Matched betting I have been part of, profit accumulator I was a bit shaky at first as had never really laid a bet in my life but I will document my matched betting journey here for you to follow.

I have been doing it for just over two weeks now an hour a day maybe and made £80 in my spare time.

on the profit accumulator forum, people are earning £1000+ a month doing this in their spare time.

Jump straight in here profit accumulator or you could read my blog and subscribe to follow my journey weekly updates.

What is profit accumulator?

Profit accumulator is a matched betting beat the bookie’s service. You spread your bet across two different bookies i.e. spread betting to minimize the risk.

Once signed up, Profit accumulator tutorials show you various ways of placing bets using an array of tools on the website. odds matching, match catcher, Acca catcher, Dutching, Each way catcher, extra place catcher, 2ups and various casino work rounds.

Some have risk involved but it’s calculated for example some slot games have an RTP Return to player % of 97% so the owner makes 3% but you can use that for your free bets they offer to your advantage but more on that later once I move on to it.

it’s all calculated risks it could end up quite boring making money on every outcome.

Not like putting £1000 on a horse to win a race, it’s thrilling but it’s a risk that the bookies want you to get addicted to.

Whats does it all mean?

Don’t worry I felt just the same a month ago and still feel out of my depth now.

There are so many videos, written instructions, not to mention the forum where you can ask the seasoned matched bettors so don’t worry.

It will be the best thing you do with your spare time you won’t become a millionaire doing it but you can generate a tidy side income a lot of profit accumulator members make £1000+ a month.

But if you’re like I am and don’t trust anything on the internet.

As the old saying goes if it’s too good to be true it’s probably isn’t.

Then please read on and I will try to explain what it’s all about and what I have done and going to do next.

You can join me weekly on my journey where I will document my profits and any losses from my mistakes so you don’t have to check out last weeks here …

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What is matched betting?

Matched betting is taking a risk-free yes risk-free approach to gambling it takes advantage of opening offers from bookmakers (bookies) placing back bets and using an exchange for lay bets.

  • One bet to win your lay bet
  • One bet to loose your back bet

What’s a lay bet ?

I hear you ask a lay bet is when you bet on an outcome say you bet on hull city winning their next match.

You would put a bet on that result for a return from the bookies for your risk.

Say you bet £10 for a win you would expect a +£15 return depending upon who is playing against the odds for the risk change all the time.

What’s a back bet?

A back bet is using an exchange for an opposite result using the previous example you could open a back bet for Hull city to lose then either outcome you could win.

But don’t go rushing off and throwing money at it that’s what I did lol.

I lost a few quid doing that until I realised the bookies know what they are doing 😳.

How do I get involved I hear you ask you can sign up for the free trial here…

They then show you how to create profit from using back and lay bets you can earn from £1 – £25 for only a few minutes of your time.

WOW I know it is legitimate and tax-free as your profit is classed as gambling

The industry in the UK is worth more than 12billion that’s just a crazy amount, isn’t it?

Just One million would do me for the rest of my day’s donations welcome…

Does matched betting work?

YES!!!!! Match betting works as long as you follow the rules it is a risk-free approach to gambling. I have made £84.65 in just over a week, see chart below.

Profit accumulator even has a £500,000 club that just proves how much you can make.

So if you stick with it and follow the guides unlike I did at first, matched betting does work.

The numbers are a bit squiffy as I thought I knew better at first opening loads of bets with Ladbrokes and losing a few quid along the way.

But I made it back I always rush ahead wanting it now but just take your time follow the guides and you won’t go wrong like I did.

Currently, I’m doing one sign up a day two if my bankroll is sufficient.

I’m making £5-£10 a day for 30 mins work so £10-£20 an hour isn’t a bad side hustle.

I’m hoping to hit my first target this week of £100 then on with the forum challenge joining the £300+ a month club if I can.

Yes Matched betting is legal in the UK why?

Matched betting is used by punters ie you to make money from bookmakers.

You can take advantage of promotional offers by the bookies. …

This technique is totally legal and uses spread betting (betting on multiple eventualities to cover all outcomes) so that you don’t lose any or very little money.

How much can you make matched betting?

You can make £1000`s of pounds matched betting profit accumulator help you along the journey.

they have a few different groups the first been the £300 a month then £1000 a month some have joined the 100K club there are even people in the £500,000 club so I would definitely say matched betting is worth it it just takes time and effort which everything worthwhile in life does.

But for just an hour a day, you could expect to earn £300-£500 a month, which could be an overpayment on your mortgage every month.

A holiday every year for an hour a day or once you start getting into it and become faster and proficient you can do it for a living from home as a lot of people do.

Clear your debts and start investing as I see my other posts for more info…

Buy a new car – the money could cover monthly costs of a new car the sky is the limit

Why not subscribe to my website and follow my progress and my side hustles you could even start doing one yourself.

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