+£129.17 FREE MONEY – 5% Cashback credit card

In only two months Using my New 5% American Express platinum credit card, I have made £129.17p no fees involved.

All it took is about 20 minutes to fill out the form on the website then start using it when it came through the post.

Not a bad return on 20 minutes of work. Wow, I wish I earnt that an hour.

This months statement Feb 2022 due March

Make full payments every month

Make full payments every month so you don’t get any charges if you are struggling with money and debts don’t worry please read on.

I can try and help you get out of debt and also earn an extra income in your spare time which will help speed up the process dramatically.

With the American Express platinum credit card, you get 5% cashback on all purchases for the first three months up to £125.

I have done it in two months be it the most expensive months of the year December and January don’t think you can the card off in full then it’s not for you at this moment.

It’s not all come easy for me nothing ever does I got one GCSE leaving school in 1996 that’s all one lol.

I’m dyslexic which caused most of the problems lack of attention span and forgetfulness as you can prob tell reading this it’s been a struggle from the start.

But in not a glass half empty kinda guy it’s half full isn’t it so let’s enjoy whats left so why moan and whine about it.

It’s now up-to you to Change what your doing as it’s obviously not working. 

If you have credit cards, maxed out, store cards, an overdraft that you use monthly.

Don’t worry you’re not on your own, I think everyone ends up like this at some point in our lives it’s all about growing up I’m trying to teach my kids so they don’t make the same mistakes

Because we are not taught about money management at school who knows why???.

No one else will take control of your life it’s your life start to control it.

Get out of debt first.

Don’t worry about doing this deal now it will probably get you in more debt as you have no financial sense at the moment you have debts, not savings so it will only go one way.

Sorry to be brutally honest about it I was exactly the same 10 years ago I’m no expert but I’m trying to help even if this helps one person I will be over the moon.

What you do need to do is start here read the first blog I wrote about getting out of debt quickly which is where you need to start.

You could also start earning an extra income on the side a side hustle they call it

Profit accumulator +£119

I have only just started doing this in just over two weeks and I have made £119 in my spare time so if you need an extra income why not head over to my profit accumulator blog.

I will show you how I have made £119 in just over two weeks all online.

I have done it all in my spare time and it’s tax-free as it’s money from risk-free gambling.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope I have helped at least someone out or at least given you something to think about even if you don’t act on it yet.

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Six ways to get rid of credit card debt FAST in 2022.

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