Why you’re fat – REASON 1

Overweight, obese, a fat slob, heavy boned what ever you want to call it let’s do something about it.

It’s all the same thing and it all points in one direction the number one reason is.


Im sorry if you’re a millennial or take offence easy.

This probably isn’t for you so please move on.

I was born In the 1900s yep I’m older than 22 😜 as my kids keep tell me lol.

And a spade is a spade in my eyes 

It’s quite simple no one force fed you anything did they.

Do you do anything about been overweight

NO you whine moan, say about loosing weight look how fat I am then head for the biscuit barrel or wine glass.

Jump onto the latest fad maybe for a month two if you’re lucky.

Or it’s wow look someone on Facebook or TikTok lost a stone in a week yay that will fix my overactive knife and fork.

No it won’t!!!!

You got yourself here it’s time to get yourself out.

Alcohol related deaths In uk 8,000+ in 2020

Why! over consumption not knowing when to stop just like food.

Obesity costs the NHS £6.1 billion a year why because people cannot accept blame it’s not me it’s the food.

So please do yourself a favour and do something about it now get started.

Keep reading and we can help each other your success is my success.

get moving and stop consuming.

Start loosing

To start with let’s put that fork down, crisps chocolate bar or alcoholic beverage that supposedly makes you relax or actually fatter.

Go and take a look in the mirror yeah now do it even get naked no kinky stuff here I promise 😜.

If you’re not naked infront of the mirror now or when you get home maybe 🤔.

Not at work in the toilets or the mirror on the buss you might get some funny looks.

Joking aside really look at what’s in the reflection do you lack energy, motivation always seem sad and moody gravity is dragging everything down.

You’re Not happy with what you see are you don’t worry we can do this together.

You’re thinking how can this be my body what’s happened to me.

Take a moment now if you need to have a cry 😢 let the emotions out but keep hold of a little bit to use as your drive.

It’s not going to be easy and it’s going to be a learning curve but you will have more energy, be happier and weigh less.

But You may have medical problems, mobility problems mental problems the list goes on and on.

Im no doctor and you know best maybe consult with one before you do anything too drastic.

you might be sofa or bed bound.

Do you think you would still gain weight consuming 1200 calories a day.

No you wouldn’t the body needs more than that when been just stationary.

It’s just excuses after excuse after excuse.

Let’s take responsibility for your actions.

Let’s do something about it now.

Week one

Starting now not tomorrow or next week or after your birthday but now not I’m having a night out with girls or lads at the weekend I will start after that.

excuse after excuse remember we are not doing that anymore.

Take what you saw in the mirror and what you want to change and push.

Nobody is going to do this for you!!! 

My first challange should you wish to accept is a very very easy one.

Say no to one treat or snack every day yeah just one be it a round of biscuits with that lovely cuppa tea. Or a packet of afternoon crisps maybe a chocolate bar or a creamy latte with friends.

All I ask is take a look at how many calories that snack or treat would’ve been each day add them up for the week if you want.

1000 calories is 1lb of weight.

Now it’s a small step but every time you do give yourself a pat on the back say well done that’s minus ?? Calories for the day.

In fact when your thinking about it Grab your phone come one here or our Facebook page and let us know.

Was it hard to say some people will think you’re strange what’s wrong you never say no haha you trying to diet or something lol.

That’s exactly what happened to me it feels strange and is quite hard to accept.

That’s peoples opinion of you someone with no self control an eater.

Im sorry to say it will get worse, especially if you are heavily overweight and when it’s close friends or family chuckling and saying it.

If this happens just ask them to support you not ridicule you for trying to make a change.

Just don’t give in to them just explain to them you will find most people would really like to lose a bit of weight or change some thing about themselves.

Just remember Support is a major factor in success the more people who you tell and support the better your results will be.

Still Feeling apprehensive not sure if you can do it.

Will people support me or just laugh don’t worry Just start here click on the comments below and let me know what your plan is what you didn’t eat I will message back asap.

But if you’re thinking I lost three stone two years ago doing that keto diet why not just do that again.

Because it didn’t work did it your back where you was it’s about re training yourself just like anything change the way we think and things start to happen.

Yes you can start with a diet but one you will be happy sticking to for the rest of your life that’s the way to keep weight off. Wether it keto, slimming world, Huel powder meal replacement the 16/8 which is my favourite. I plan on sticking with it for the rest of my life.

They will all make a difference but you need to stick with it.

So stick with me subscribe and I will putting together next weeks blog just remember minus one treat a day for a week.

Published by J Little

Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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