Why you’re fat – Reason 2

Obese, overweight, tipping the scales trying fad diets that don’t work.

Sound familiar this is week two of my guide I don’t want to call it a diet as that’s not what it is.

Reason two why you’re fat!

My second reason which I’m sure you will all agree on is


We need rules and a guide.

If you have carried out my week one challenge well done.

That’s brilliant it may not seem much but you are becoming more aware of what you are eating that is half the battle.

I asked for you to check the calories of each treat you didn’t have each day last week.

I bet your surprised 😮

I know I was I just didn’t know the amount of calories in so many different nice things and how much it varies it’s crazy.

That’s where it all starts really educating check out some Devine treats on a previous blog I wrote above.

All of them are great really hit the spot and are below 100 calories.

By now you may have noticed I’m not going to put pressure on you to get on the scales everyday.

If you want to follow my routine and see what and how I lose weight check out the link below.

I don’t believe every single person of the same height should weigh the same. That’s absolute bullturd.

People are different shapes sizes and body types the world would be boring place if we where all the same.

I just want you to be happy with your end result you know when you look in the mirror what you’re looking for.

No scales are ever going to do that are they.

Setting goals

Now this weeks challenge is about discipline this weeks reason.

How is it some people just seem to do it, others really struggle, and some just cannot do it at all.

Well I’m no expert but I just think it’s a CBA can’t be arsed attitude.

Why because some people find it easy hit there goals change them then hit the next.

  • Hitting goals
  • Setting yourself up to loose
  • This weeks challenge.

For example you’re 18 stone and your ideal weight is 13 1/2 stone you look and think I have four and a half stone to loose.

I take the opinion of if I can loose a stone that’s bloody brilliant 🤩 what an achievement bring out the cake 🧁.

Break your goals down and give yourself a treat for achieving it.

For example lose half a stone doesn’t matter how long it takes but treat yourself it’s something to look forward to.

Something to work for to put effort in for.

Week 2 challange

Right then I want you to carry on with last weeks challange it’s become easier to say no hasn’t it.

There is two tasks for this week to test your discipline.

So let’s do task one again stop yourself again that’s twice a day now your saying no to snacks and treats.

I’m not saying stop eating treats I love them far too much and will never give them up it’s about enjoying what you have and not been a pig 🐖….

This is the discipline you need and have already done it last week we just need to step up and carry on.

Task 2

This is a personal one and only you know the answer everyone is different what I think is normal will be totally different to you.

I will try to cover all bases here and hopefully you understand the main thing to think about is challenging yourself.

I just signed up for a half marathon in June to get myself motivated been 5 yrs since I last did one.

I started couch potato to 5k and it’s grown for there.

This part of the challenge is all about Exercise well walking I want you to do more if you don’t go out much or have no reason too.

Make losing weight your reason.

I want you to aim for a brisk 30 min walk everyday this week if you already do this extend it by 30 mins.

If you have limited mobility or struggle make it 10 mins even just walking to the front of the house to back.

but just become determined to achieve e and become disciplined.

you can do it and will do it let me know in the comments if you think this is helping or you have started would be great to hear from at least one person haha.

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Jonathon Little 39 years old passive affiliate income website owner.

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