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Thanks for taking the time to have a look I hope you take some value for it. My mission is to try and clear the fog for people like myself. It’s a minefield out there so much information and so many scams. I will succeed at this depends how long as I’m not willing to give up. Hopefully, you will join me on this journey too.

My Bio

I’m Jonathon little a 39 years young dyslexic turning 40 this year. I’m just trying to get along in life like everyone else pay the bills and put food on the table.

I have not and never will let dyslexia affect me, teachers told me I wouldn’t make anything of myself. Well they where wrong. I started an apprenticeship in 1999 to become a refrigeration engineer.

I now work offshore, maintaining and installing refrigeration and HVAC equipment. So I would say I haven’t done too bad. I have had to work hard to get to where I am now nothing handed on a plate .i feel that I am better off than most but not as much as some.


Reasons Why

I have always wanted and tried to achieve more I don’t want to be one of the cogs. I never have, I was self-employed for about five years, and it was great. It didn’t work out I tried growing the company too fast and ended running out of funds, then the tax man came knocking.

Its always been my goal to be in control of my own time. Don’t get me wrong I’m willing to put 18 hrs a day into this to make it work, and I haven’t earnt a dime yet. But I am enjoying it and feel I am growing something great, so watch this space.

I am very fortunate that I have plenty of time off, and whilst offshore well you don’t do very much either, so I was looking for ways of making an extra income online something I could do to fill in all this spare time at home and work.

I stumbled across Clickbank University yes that’s an affiliate link I don’t like the look of the program, but hundreds of thousands of people do. I have signed up to similar sort of program and affiliate marketing system.

After watching the video and doing the webinar, I was shocked that people paid all this money and I needed to know what it was all about.

The Story Begins

So I started with research where else but good old google watched hours and hours of videos on youtube as well all about affiliates, SEO, keywords, what are a sales funnel the lot and thought why not have a go at doing this myself, so here we are.

I got a little lost a couple of weeks ago and overwhelmed by all of it and decided to try out a sales funnel program, so I signed up to the wealthy affiliate. Its a great program and it has a straightforward step by step guide videos and text, on how to do it all so if you are interest and wish to take a look click here.

Update 13/01/2020

When I first started doing my affiliate website I started using wrodpress.com as it mentions over 35% of the world uses WordPress they fail to tell you its wordpress.org, not com lol.

I signed up for the free account soon realising how limited it was so I paid extra for the next level £25+.

This didn’t help unlock anything I then paid another £40 thinking that would unlock the packages nope.

The full package is about £250 for each site so I though Nah let’s go somewhere else.

That’s when my relationship stopped with wordpress.com I’m in limbo land with this site as its still hosted with them.

I haven’t made the jump and tried to transferer the site yet that’s next on my list.

I decided I would go elsewhere I started looking at Clickbank university and click funnels sat through there webinar and weren’t impressed.

I don’t understand how something can cost £15,000 for one day only you can have it for £999 it just screams scam to me.

After reading reviews and info about those and various others I was looking for something a little less in your face.

Then for some reason, I signed up to a2hosing.com it was a site a YouTuber was using and recommended I had been watching and he had gained my trust so I thought why not.

It was the cost that attracted me it was £65 for unlimited wordpress.org sites. just register your domains Click here for my affiliate link to the site.

I found a2hosting quite complicated and I don’t really get on with it at the moment.

I have a website hosted with them still and will persist with it as I’m sure it can be managed fine as I gain more knowledge and experience.

So I just kept on looking that’s when I stumbled upon wealthy affiliate and started using the site and its features.

It seemed right for me not too pushy and sales pitchy some of the other programs claim to make £10,000 in 10 days.

I just cannot see this happening Mabey with an aggressive pay per click campaign.

I’m not looking to waste money trialling the latest sales pitch just looking to set myself up on the slightly longer time frame.

Whilst using wealthy affiliate, they teach you to build a site up from the ground up.

I even feel that if you are new to tech, not sure what you are doing you could build a site too.

That’s enough of me and my story now, on with the main topic my wealthy affiliate review.

My Mission

I’m not looking to con people out of there hard earned money I won’t advertise something unless it’s been recommended has an honest review, or I am using it myself. I am actually a tight Yorkshire man and usually find find things cheaper than most people do, not always better as I have found out in the past as well. Phone scam doesn’t ask lol.

All I’m looking to do is advise people, show them what programs I have used and no longer use and recommend. Then I will earn an affiliate commission from your purchase I see that as a thank you a handshake and payment for all these weeks I have been working on the site.

Weekly blog

I post a weekly blog on the site if you’re interested just what I have been doing daily and what I have achieved so far with some results and how to do various things. It also includes my essential blogs as well as reviews of programs and other relevant stuff.

One last thing if you could take a look at my YouTube channel and subscribe that would be great at the time of writing this I have one

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