Affiliate Marketing Definition

Welcome, I will explain the definition of affiliate marketing. Below is a list of contents for reference I will cover how to make money as an affiliate, what is affiliate marketing along with a whole lot more.

List of contents.

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Affiliate marketing Meaning

The Oxford dictionary meaning for affiliate marketing is.

:- A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website ie (AFFILIATE) for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

How to make money as an affiliate.

Below are five of the best ways to monetise as an online affiliate. If you can manage to get all five across your website and successfully start driving traffic, that is the path to success. To find out how to make SEO work for you, click here. It’s going to take a lot of time and effort, but the rewards will be worth it in the long run.

Affiliate marketing definition
  • Dropshipping.
  • Affiliate Links.
  • Website Banners / Adverts.
  • YouTube.
  • Recommending programs to other affiliates


Dropshipping is to sell an actual product online. It takes a bit of leg work setting up and creating contacts. AliExpresos is the best but is starting loose its edge as everyone is beginning to use it now. It isn’t as passive as an affiliate links business, but it seems very lucrative. It’s finding a supplier who is willing to post out single products to your customers without you having to touch the product. You can customise and change even bespoke packaging made with your logos on. Then you will promote these products the same as you do affiliate links so please move onto what is affiliate marketing.


Affiliate links

To understand affiliate links, please take a look at one of my previous blogs on how to use Clickbank. You will set up an account with Clickbank and see how to use and create an affiliate link. Then take a look at the next main topic what affiliate marketing for an explanation on how to use those links is. I am also going to create an Affiliate vendors page soon with links to some more affiliate vendors including amazon and eBay you might wish to use.

Website Advertising.

This one is pretty self-explanatory, it’s all about using your website and promoting relevant businesses to your visitors putting google banners or other companies on your website. You can get paid for just having the banners on your site then a commission if they click through on your website. Its only pence but once you start getting a few thousand visitors on your site its all another revenue.



Well, we all know about YouTube don’t we who wouldn’t want to be an influencer having millions of followers that watch all of your content and buy all your merchandise you promote. But that takes time and its a whole new subject on its own. They need to meet youtubes criteria to start monetising the site and adding adverts, but this is classed as passive as well, once you have done the work you move onto the next project while your followers are viewing that one.

What Is Affiliate Marketing.

We know what an affiliate is by now and how to monetise your site, but we need traffic and how do we get this traffic to our fantastic excellent location that we have just spent the last three months or however long building it.

If you have built the site using my SEO and keyword guide and done of the following promotion, you stand a good chance of your site starting to rank, and you should be starting to see organic visitors coming through the woodwork made what is the best way to market affiliate products, to work that out we need to take a look at the different methods of marketing available to us on the internet. It’s not a fixed list I’m sure there is a lot more can be done.

  • SEO Free organic traffic.
  • Social Media.
  • Banners and display ads.
  • PPC Pay Per Click.
  • Email Marketing Campaigns.
  • Website And Blogs.

SEO Free Organic Traffic.

I have written another article just on this subject click here to view. I will put a brief explanation here for you SEO Meaning is Search engine optimisation. This is all down to keywords, backlinks and over 200 other algorithms that google use and other search engines which help you get your site onto the first page then the number one spot. Click here for more info.


Social Media.

If you are not sure what social media is, I think there isn’t much point in carrying on with this process as it will be a big part of your advertising and campaigns. But ways in which you can use them are great from Facebook ad campaigns to google ads.

Pulling all resources together and using them properly can realistically result in success or failure of your niche combining everything on this page is the stepping stones to a successful website and posts.


Banners and display ads.

Same as I recommended for revenue in the topic above, it works the same here for you to advertise your website and products you use your google account to access all of these features I haven’t covered these topics yet so, please check back soon as the site is updated daily.

Pay Per Click.

PPC as its often referred to as a way of achieving the top of the page on search engines or on your Facebook ads they appear in people feeds and you only pay when a person clicks onto your ad or link. You can achieve great results with this buy you need to have a great website with loaded with links and high commission products to be able to benefit and scale any PPC campaign.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is an excellent way of creating a customer base and building some trust with your potential clients a little bit of faith goes a long way. You can recommend blogs and product reviews online you have written, and they are interested in your niche as they have reached out to you by supplying there email address and interest in what you are doing.

Website And Blogs.

This kind of ties in with the SEO part and all of the topics you can promote your site with writing blogs for others or content and linking to your site through various places on the internet creating backlinks to your site. Search engines like to see this as they know your content must be relevant and working for people for them to link to it or to share on social media.



So realistically however they wrap it or sell it to you, it’s getting people to buy. I have tried to keep my info above as short as I can and then I’m going to create blogs about the specific sectors as well.

Most potential customers won’t jump straight in they want by recommending friends or actual product reviews. What was the last impulse purchase you made i mean really impulse. I cannot remember the last time, to be honest. When you knew nothing about, and no one had mentioned it you There is a tremendous amount of information to process, and weed out the good from the bad and then learn and implement into your plan. From search engine optimisation, keywords, long-tail keywords, backlinks and hoplinks to name just a few bits of the bits. Just click onto one of the words to find a link to more info on that topic.

On with the last piece of the puzzle, then this site is aimed at you creating your very own website, and this is the place to come for setting yourself and your site up. But if you require some help and have been looking at Sale funnel packages, then one of the two steps below may be able to help.


You decided to go out on your own try to watch 5000hrs of you tube and read 10,000 blogs and it still not work.


You can use a funnel program like wealthy affiliate click here to take a look at my review on the site its an affiliate site builder. starting from the super basic all the way to the top to be honest I wish I had started here and just kept on trying with it.

So thank you have made it this far. I hope you have taken something away with you from this site and hope you come again to learn more as that’s I aim to set up a one-stop-shop. i am still learning and i will be for years to come and hopefully this site will be growing with me.

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