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No1 – THE ONLY Side hustle Make £100`s a month from home

Profit accumulator is a matched betting service and yes you can make £100s if not thousands of extra income, it’s tax-free as well it’s classed as gambling. All from the comfort of your own home, work, train, or even the bus. Profit accumulator takes advantage of opening offers at bookies, matched betting, EW bets amongContinue reading “No1 – THE ONLY Side hustle Make £100`s a month from home”

Day 14 -4% 3 trades crude oil day trading challange

It’s 16/11/21 day 14 of my 60-day trading challenge, using uk.investing for my charts which are displaying Heikin Ashi, candlesticks with support and resistance lines with a little pinch of luck. Today I’m travelling home from been offshore woking up off Aberdeen, it’s a 7hr train journey so I have had limited internet but stillContinue reading “Day 14 -4% 3 trades crude oil day trading challange”

Day Trading Challange Day 11 -10% trading crude oil 5 trades

Day 11, 11/11/21 Day trading challenge, trading crude oil, using charts on Uk.investing which are displaying Heikin Ashi Candlesticks and support and resistance lines following a day trading strategy which follows price action with a little pinch of luck. Welcome back its day 11 now doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun. It is 8:23amContinue reading “Day Trading Challange Day 11 -10% trading crude oil 5 trades”

Six ways to get rid of credit card debt FAST in 2022.

Six ways to pay off credit cards 5 x faster. Government help scheme, debt consolidation, Fixed payment not minimum, direct debit culling, Highest interest first, Budgeting Government Help Scheme Debt Consolidation Pay Highest interest first Fixed Payment not Minimum 5 x faster. Direct Debit Culling Budgeting Do you know the average credit card bill inContinue reading “Six ways to get rid of credit card debt FAST in 2022.”

Lifetime Individual savings account L.I.S.A

Nutmeg Review best Isa interest rate 17.35% (L.I.S.A), 7.35% (ISA)

Nutmeg is a digital investment savings accounts investing in ETF’s exchange-traded funds. I use the Lifetime individual savings account (L.I.S.A) also the individual-saving account (I.S.A.). Below are the topics I have covered click onto relevant topic to view. What Is a L.I.S.A. investment? L.I.S.A for First-time buyers. L.I.S.A for retirement Is nutmeg isa good? IsContinue reading “Nutmeg Review best Isa interest rate 17.35% (L.I.S.A), 7.35% (ISA)”

Week 4 Combination diet plan inc 16/8 fasting, calorie control & step counting

Week 4 of my combination plan combining intermittent fasting, calorie control and step counting. Well what a week Ive had been back at work after furlough. I work offshore and got stuck in the shetlands off the north coast of Scotland for three days before I even touched any tools. Because of this, I’m notContinue reading “Week 4 Combination diet plan inc 16/8 fasting, calorie control & step counting”

Weight Loss Plan Day 2

Join me on my journey to lose two stone using 16/8 intermittent fasting, calorie control and gentle exercise.  Check out my YouTube channel to see previous days and more info. Welcome and hello if this is your first visit can I say a big thanks for taking your time out.  My promise to you isContinue reading “Weight Loss Plan Day 2”

Is Wealthy Affiliate Free

There are various price levels and features on wealthy affiliate the program is free for a 7-day trial. A free 7-day trial period is offered then a discounted 30 day trial for $19 is available after that it’s onto yearly or monthly. As with just about anything thats free it usually wears off and sadlyContinue reading “Is Wealthy Affiliate Free”

Wealthy Affiliate Discount

Wealthy affiliate offers various discounts on their program; they teach you how to make money online and become a successful affiliate earning a passive online income. Discounts include 7-day free trial, $19 for for 30 days. They also offer a 39% discount if you pay yearly. See below for full list and pricing. They offerContinue reading “Wealthy Affiliate Discount”

What Is wealthy affiliate

What is wealthy affiliate? Wealthy affiliate offers an affiliate income starter package to help you make money online.  They help you create an Affiliate Niche website from the ground up using video tutorials, blogs the community and more. About six months ago, I decided wealthy affiliate was the best option for me below are some of theContinue reading “What Is wealthy affiliate”

Where have I have been

Hi subscribers, Sorry for the significant delay, as we are all aware there have been some massive changes. Namely COVID-19 but that’s all we seem to talk about at the moment so let’s change the subject. What have I been doing then and what’s my opinion of affiliate marketing now I’m nearly 5 mts in.Continue reading “Where have I have been”

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2020

2020 review of wealthy affiliate is it a scam and legit. How much is premium and is it worth it. Also customer reviews and info

Affiliate Diary W5

I have added a link to a video version of this blog. Just in case you don’t fancy reading it all. I know it puts me off as well. Happy new year readers, old and new hope you had a great Christmas. All the best for the new year wishing you, health, wealth and happinessContinue reading “Affiliate Diary W5”

Free Keto Recipe

Free Keto meals Not sure what the keto diet is all about, click here to KETO INSTANT POT CRACK CHICKEN Rich, creamy, and full of flavour, this Keto Instant Pot Crack Chicken Recipe is sure to be a favourite family dinner. SERVES: 8 SERVINGS. See below for the recipe and how to cook. Below isContinue reading “Free Keto Recipe”

Grammarly review

Dyslexic Trying Out Grammarly Welcome to my blog, I’m Jonathon Little a 39-year-old dyslexic, trying to make it in the affiliate marketing world. So I decided I had to sign up to Grammarly click here to try out the free version like I did. Or take a look below to see examples of what Grammarly premium hasContinue reading “Grammarly review”

Free Keto Download

How And Why The Keto Diet Works HI there, As promised here is your free keto download, just click on the green button at the bottom of the page. Its packed with facts about the keto diet and why you should take part. There are a lot of available resources online, and I’m sure youContinue reading “Free Keto Download”

Where To Begin, Keto Diet

What is the keto diet The ketogenic diet (or keto diet), you eat high amounts of dietary fat, moderate amounts of protein, and only a tiny bit of carbs (less than 50 grams a day). This minimal carb intake causes you to produce “ketones,” an energy source your body can use when glucose is scarce.Continue reading “Where To Begin, Keto Diet”

Keto diet facts

Keto is everywhere; it’s the new buzzword, the new favorite among those looking to shed pounds, and the new hate victim of the food-pyramid-spouting-eat-your-whole grains mainstream medical industry. The keto diet, while it is not the magic cure-all for every single disease on the planet, does a pretty dang good job at being the potentialContinue reading “Keto diet facts”

Frustrating Wednesday

Good evening Readers hope all is well, and we all made some money today. Sadly all accounts at zero still here. But the good news is I have 9 people following my blog and that’s amazing thanks for the support. This morning I edited my site content, thought I had a working landing page. ForContinue reading “Frustrating Wednesday”

Monday Clickfunnels day

Click Funnels Tutorial Well Signed up for the click funnels tutorial today was at 9 pm, all I can say is thank god I didn’t pay the subscription of $97 or $197. It seems like a costly way to advertise items in a three-step process. I will take a look further into it and updateContinue reading “Monday Clickfunnels day”

Sunday Slow day

Passive Affiliate Income Streams. Read a few articles online about passive incomes and affiliate income streams. Organised a logo and been advised by my son I needed a youTube intro. So sorted that as well, so hopefully have something to add to the site tomorrow. Also wrote out a list of things for next youtubeContinue reading “Sunday Slow day”

Ground Zero

First Ever Blog Welcome to my first ever Blog, yep never done this before. So i really am building this from the ground up. I have signed up and used WordPress for my website please let me know what you think. I also took look on fiverr my 14 year old son told me toContinue reading “Ground Zero”

BLOG Day Two

How to make a wordpress website 2020 Well feel like I have accomplished some bits today, I have been editing the website on WordPress, it is the personal plan and only cost me £36. I’m progressing with my website; please take a look through my blogs to find out more about the basics of getting startedContinue reading “BLOG Day Two”

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