Amazon FBA start-up trying out viral launch.

What is Amazon FBA? How does it work? How much does it cost, is selling on amazon worth it in 2021, how many sellers are there, plus much much more. I will try to answer all the questions to the best of my abilities. As you can tell from the title, I’m a newbie myselfContinue reading “Amazon FBA start-up trying out viral launch.”

Six ways to get rid of credit card debt FAST in 2021.

Six ways to pay off credit cards 5 x faster. Government help scheme, debt consolidation, Fixed payment not minimum, direct debit culling, Highest interest first, Budgeting Government Help Scheme Debt Consolidation Pay Highest interest first Fixed Payment not Minimum 5 x faster. Direct Debit Culling Budgeting Do you know the average credit card bill inContinue reading “Six ways to get rid of credit card debt FAST in 2021.”

The Naked Trader Robbie Burns 2021 Stock Market Trading

Robbie burns IE the naked trader is a mid to long-term stock market investor he doesn’t cover day trading but covers some CFD (contracts for difference) trades in this book and trading strategies he uses daily . Robbie teaches you how to understand financial statements what to look for and how to find good potentialContinue reading “The Naked Trader Robbie Burns 2021 Stock Market Trading”

Nutmeg Review best Isa interest rate 17.35% (L.I.S.A), 7.35% (ISA)

Nutmeg is a digital investment savings accounts investing in ETF’s exchange-traded funds. I use the Lifetime individual savings account (L.I.S.A) also the individual-saving account (I.S.A.). Below are the topics I have covered click onto relevant topic to view. What Is a L.I.S.A. investment? L.I.S.A for First-time buyers. L.I.S.A for retirement Is nutmeg isa good? IsContinue reading “Nutmeg Review best Isa interest rate 17.35% (L.I.S.A), 7.35% (ISA)”

2021 Miracle morning review and feelings

Hal Elrond wrote miracle morning and the six steps called S.A.V.E.R.S. to help achieve your goals and dreams. Hal Elrod (born May 30, 1979) Is an American author, keynote speaker and success coach. He is the author of the bestselling book the miracle morning. The Miracle Equation. Founder of the Miracle Morning book series and theContinue reading “2021 Miracle morning review and feelings”

Cashflow Quadrant Review Robert Kiyosaki

Cashflow quadrant is the second book by Robert Kiyosaki. It’s the book after rich dad poor dad. He teaches us about finance and how to think like the rich, not poor. What is cashflow quadrant all about Below I have added some links to various topics to understand what cashflow quadrant is all about.  JustContinue reading “Cashflow Quadrant Review Robert Kiyosaki”

2021 Review Rich Dad Poor Dad assets & investing.

Robert Kiyosaki Is the author of the book rich dad, poor dad series. I will explain what it’s about, if it’s worth reading and how Robert Kiyosaki made his money and more. It’s the first in a series of personal finance books the second book is cashflow quadrant there are a total of 14 booksContinue reading “2021 Review Rich Dad Poor Dad assets & investing.”

Week 4 Combination diet plan inc 16/8 fasting, calorie control & step counting

Week 4 of my combination plan combining intermittent fasting, calorie control and step counting. Well what a week Ive had been back at work after furlough. I work offshore and got stuck in the shetlands off the north coast of Scotland for three days before I even touched any tools. Because of this, I’m notContinue reading “Week 4 Combination diet plan inc 16/8 fasting, calorie control & step counting”