SEO – Search Engine Optimisation meaning

Just where do you start, we’ll start with the meaning search engine optimisation. What does that mean, how do I do it, do I have to pay someone to do it, I’m not getting results. Just think how long it took for that belly to appear or that promotion you wanted. Or how long youContinue reading “SEO – Search Engine Optimisation meaning”

Affiliate Diary Week 9

Week 9 Time is just flying, sorry I was a bit late on week 8s release I forgot about it as I was offshore and supposed to be working lol. Anyway, its Sunday night im still offshore supposed to be getting off tomorrow lunchtime, so I’m just spending the evening reading. Neil Patel recommended reading “Affiliate Diary Week 9”

My affiliate diary week 6

Hi readers, old and new click here for vlog version Hope you are all well, and we are making progress well just posted week five, so I thought I best make a start on week 6. I’m just going to update daily to keep you posted. Then there will be my main posts on specificContinue reading “My affiliate diary week 6”