Why you’re fat – Reason 2

Obese, overweight, tipping the scales trying fad diets that don’t work. Sound familiar this is week two of my guide I don’t want to call it a diet as that’s not what it is. Reason two why you’re fat! My second reason which I’m sure you will all agree on is Discipline We need rulesContinue reading “Why you’re fat – Reason 2”

Why you’re fat – REASON 1

Overweight, obese, a fat slob, heavy boned what ever you want to call it let’s do something about it. It’s all the same thing and it all points in one direction the number one reason is. YOU!!!! Im sorry if you’re a millennial or take offence easy. This probably isn’t for you so please moveContinue reading “Why you’re fat – REASON 1”

2022 profit accumulator RISK-FREE matched betting explination

It’s Feb 2022 and here we have my risk-free side hustle Matched betting I have been part of, profit accumulator I was a bit shaky at first as had never really laid a bet in my life but I will document my matched betting journey here for you to follow. I have been doing itContinue reading “2022 profit accumulator RISK-FREE matched betting explination”

+£850 month 2 Stop wasting time Act NOW

Month two of side hustles i have been busy earing extra money from, American Express, Etoro, Profit accumulator, and what ever else i think will turn a profit. I started this to help myself back on track health wise and money wise. £850.36 is my new total for month two. Can you do it !!!!Continue reading “+£850 month 2 Stop wasting time Act NOW”

Improve Memory recall Achieve 10 out 10 every time

I will teach you how to memorise 10 items with ease with a simple memory technique. You can learn 20 30 even 100 items, using this technique Anyone can with a little practice. To start with if you have read any of my previous blogs you will know I’m dyslexic and having a bad memoryContinue reading “Improve Memory recall Achieve 10 out 10 every time”