+£129.17 FREE MONEY – 5% Cashback credit card

In only two months Using my New 5% American Express platinum credit card, I have made £129.17p no fees involved. All it took is about 20 minutes to fill out the form on the website then start using it when it came through the post. Not a bad return on 20 minutes of work. Wow,Continue reading “+£129.17 FREE MONEY – 5% Cashback credit card”

+£119 profit accumulator matched betting results week 3

Week 3 £119 of profit using accumulator matched betting with a great positive result this week.. Week three only another two more bookies signed up this week. But that’s given me an extra £35 profit in the bank. Click here to read last weeks blog and start the journey with me. How to make moneyContinue reading “+£119 profit accumulator matched betting results week 3”

+£850 month 2 Stop wasting time Act NOW

Month two of side hustles i have been busy earing extra money from, American Express, Etoro, Profit accumulator, and what ever else i think will turn a profit. I started this to help myself back on track health wise and money wise. £850.36 is my new total for month two. Can you do it !!!!Continue reading “+£850 month 2 Stop wasting time Act NOW”

Six ways to get rid of credit card debt FAST in 2022.

Six ways to pay off credit cards 5 x faster. Government help scheme, debt consolidation, Fixed payment not minimum, direct debit culling, Highest interest first, Budgeting Government Help Scheme Debt Consolidation Pay Highest interest first Fixed Payment not Minimum 5 x faster. Direct Debit Culling Budgeting Do you know the average credit card bill inContinue reading “Six ways to get rid of credit card debt FAST in 2022.”