Sales Funnel Meaning

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What are sales funnels

Well, all sales funnels are the same across the world. It refers to a sales pitch to entice and convince people to buy a product regardless if it is on or offline. Its mentioned and advertised in many different ways below are a few examples.

  •  funnel sales
  • TV Adverts
  • Affiliate Funnel
  • Leaflet drops
  • ClickBank university
  • Funnel Marketing

As times change, so does advertising they adapt as we all do. It is just new methods are used the old ones are still very effective; for example, leaflet drops, newspapers, TV, Radio, word of mouth.

But now more and more business are realising the power of the affiliate, using influencers, bloggers website owners and more. So the old process is just moving online now, bringing people’s attention to it that’s all.

If you need more info on what is an affiliate and how to do it click here.

Below are the sales funnel stages. They are not fixed in any way some programs will overcomplicate it and try the hard sell but it’s all about making a sale.

Sales funnel stages

  • 1 Interest
  • 2 Visit website
  • 3 Product Reviews
  • 4 Price Research
  • 5 Purchase / Non Purchase
  • 6 Follow up Marketing

Building a sales funnel

Marketing Funnels

Let us start at the top of the marketing funnel the interest stage there are over 2 billion purchases made online, and the numbers are growing daily, Sounds good doesn’t it.

The first thing you need to do is quite real, just progress from a sales funnel user to an affiliate marketing funnel creator. Sounds daunting doesn’t it, but it’s not. You can either try and do it alone or choose a funnel creator program.

Whichever route you choose all you need is a computer and a niche, to begin with. There are a lot of business out there offering funnel packages to help with website building, keywords, domains the lot I am using one and have wrote a review on it if you wish to take a look click here.

Below is a list of vendors that have specifically designed platforms, with communities to help you find your niche and create your first ever funnel. Saving you time and effort with tried and tested features plus much more.

Building an Affilite Website

You have decided to try it on your own well done so what will you need. A website, SEO planning, keywords, backlinks, long-tail keywords, products to promote, a marketing plan and a business model. Just to get yourself setting off in the right direction If you are not sure where to start. Take a look at my week 2 blog click here. To help you with niches and what is an affiliate is. There is no get rich quick scheme here, as with anything in life you get out what you put in plenty of effort in then hopefully then plenty of rewards out.

Best Seller
Marketing Starting with $100

Only you can take that first step, and keep that ball rolling. Yes, I get an affiliate commission if you sign up to the various programs I am promoting and that great. But that’s not what I am about. This website is to help and advise you how to do it it’s your choice, not mine I want to help people out.

sales funnel meaning

Funnel Marketing

There are so many ways marketing funnels can be marketed and promoted online. With SEO and keywords been top of the list for organic traffic (Free). See below for an explanation of search engine optimisation on my website info then you have social media and direct ads PPC pay per click.

The best way to grow sales is to connect with your audience create an email list by offering something free a download a step by step guide is a favourite or get them to join your group, then if they do not purchase on the first visit. You can put an email marketing campaign together and entice them back. There are so many ways I might do a blog just on this if you subscribe to my blog you can be one of the first to see it.

Passive affiliate income

Out of interest, I just googled passive affiliate income, and there are 10,700,000 search results. Most of those will be people wanting to sell you a starter program. Most users don’t even look past the first page on google. When was the last time you did ?. If you would like more info on SEO and Keyword Promotion, Click here. And it will help your site start ranking and heading to that number one page.

The affiliate Niche seems to be one of the most lucrative with repeat monthly payments or a lump sum upfront the number of businesses doing this kind of shows us this fact. That it works and the ones early to the game are getting the ranking and aiming for the first page with immense benefits.

The best way to do this is to find your way, just about every niche is covered by someone, but there are ways and means to get yourself some traffic and sales I’m going to do a blog on this as well so watch this space.

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